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Making Vedic Mathematics Fun!

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Evaluate the above expression without the aid of any electronic media. Finding it difficult?

You probably skipped storming your brain through the entire series of digits above. Well, if you were gutsy enough and glanced through the entire series, the odds of you being ready with the correct answer are as low as your dog talking to you in your native language. Unless of course, you inherit the genes of the human computer, Shakuntala Devi, you will definitely have a struggle reaching the correct answer.

If reaching the correct answer were a mere cakewalk for you, you would probably want to skip because the content ahead would already be a familiar face to you. However, the article contains certain absorbing datum you would consider knowing.

The field of mathematics we talk about here is Vedic Mathematics.

Vedic Maths is referred to as the ancient system of Indian Mathematics. The discovery, as the name suggests, was made from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918. The core belief lies around the fact that mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras. These sutras help in directing to the appropriate method of solution for a particular problem.

The system is laid in such a way that one would always appreciate its coherence. Where many systems are based on a disarrangement of many unrelated techniques, the whole system of Vedic Maths in itself is interrelated.

For example, the general multiplication method can be easily reversed to perform one-line divisions and the simple squaring method can be modified to give one-line square roots. Sounds interesting right!

The striking feature about this system is that there is no problem which cannot be solved using this brilliantly laid out framework. In the Vedic system ‘difficult’ problems can often be solved immediately without any problems. Vedic Mathematics represents the coherent structure of mathematics under which, methods are complementary and direct. The biggest advantage of this system is its simplicity. The unsophistication of Vedic Mathematics allows calculations to be carried out mentally. It is not a herculean task to appreciate the most refined and efficient mathematical system possible.

Interested to known as to how you can solve mathematics in a jiffy?

Below are a few tips that you can use to enhance your skills:

Tip 1
Multiplication of 2 digit numbers from 11 to 10

Take 2 numbers like 17 and 19.
Place the larger number (19) at the top and the 2nd digit of the smaller number(7) at the bottom.
Add 19+7=26, Then multiply 26×10=260
Now, multiply the units digit of both numbers, i.e., 7×9=63.
Add the two numbers, 260+63 and the answer is 323.

Tip 2-
Multiplication of a number with 9’s

In this type of multiplication, the multiplier (9’s) and the multiplicand should have equal number of digits.
Take numbers as 567 and 999.
Subtract 567 by 1, 567-1=566
The complement of 567 (1000-567) is 433
Therefore the answer is 566433 (“566” “433”)

Tip 3-
Squaring two digits number that end with 5

Take number like 25 and multiply last two digits, 5×5=25
Now add 1 to the first digit ‘2’, 1+2=3
Now multiply 3 with the first digit ‘2’, 3×2=6
Hence, the answer is 625.

Tip 4-
Squaring two digit numbers

Take any number such as 77. Now add or subtract the number to make it to its nearest multiple of 10.
In this case, add 3 to the number to reach the nearest 10, i.e., 77+3=80
Now, (77+3) x (77-3)=80 x 74=5920
The number a (Wahi, 2017)dded was 3. Now square the number and add it to the above product.
Square of 3=9

Tip 5 –
Multiplying any 2 digit no. with another 2-digit no.

For ex 51*32;

STEP-1- Multiply the first digits of both the no. to get the first digits of the answer i.e. 5*3=15

STEP-2- (Multiply the left digit to the right most digit {extremes})+ (Multiply Middle digits) to get middle part of your answer i.e 5*2+1*3 = 13

STEP-3- Multiply last digits of these no. to get the final digit of the answer i.e. 1*2=2

STEP-4- Handle these answers to give final answer

So, the answer will be
15(13)2 (Carry forward 1)

For ex 81*23=?
16(26)3 (Carry forward 2)
Ans = 1863

You just need to memorize the pattern
big ex- 92*34=?
Ans- 3128

Tip 6 –
Multiplication of any 3-digit numbers

Take any two numbers like 208 and 206
Now subtract the number at units place
Now select any number and add the unit digit of another number
Now multiply, 214×200=42800
Now multiply the unit digits of both numbers, 8×6=48
Add, 42800+48=42848
The product of the numbers 208 and 206 is 42848

Tip 7 – 
           Multiplication of a number with 11                                                                                                                 

Let the number be 6632457.                                                                                 Put the number ‘0’ in front of the above number.
New number is 06632457
Now add,
7+5=12 (the 1 will get carry over)
4+5+1=10 (the 1 will get carry over)
6+6=12(the 1 will get carry over)
Therefore the answer=72957027

Tip 8
Divisibility of any number by 3 or 9 

Is 456138 divisible by 9?
To test whether a certain large number is divisible by 9 or not, just add all the digits of the number and if the end result is divisible by 9,then you can say that the entire large number will be divisible by 9 too’.


Now since 27 is divisible by 9 so 456138 will be divisible by 9 too.
Similarly, it is true for 3

it only takes 2 seconds for you to determine the answer. But if you go by the traditional way then it will take you 10 seconds. So you can see the difference. Those 8 extra seconds you win, you can spend on other question

Tip 9
Multiply any large number by 12 mentally in seconds

To multiply any number by 12 just double last digit and thereafter double each digit and add it to its neighbour
For example  21314 * 12 =  255768
Lets break it into simple steps:
Step 1: 021314 * 12 =  _____8 (Double of Last Digit 4= 8 )
Step 2: 021314 * 12 =  ____68 (Now Double 1= 2, and add it to 4, 2+4=6)
Step 3: 021314 * 12=   ___768 (Now Double 3=6, and add it to 1, 6+1=7)
Step 4: 021314 * 12=   __5768 (Now Double 1=2, and add it to 3, 2+3=5)
Step 5: 021314 * 12=   _55768 (Now Double  2=4, and add it to 1, 4+1=5)
Step 6: 021314 * 12=   255768 (Now Double 0=0, and add it to 2, 0+2=2)
So your final answer of 21314 * 12 = 255768

The world thrives on speed and learning to perform such mental calculations will definitely help you irrespective of whichever field you opt. To gain an edge over the crowd, one should know these mental tricks (Vedic maths). Be it a student, an aspiring engineer, statistician, scientist or even a business-owner, dealing with numbers is one big part of life and learning these tricks and techniques will always benefit you.

Remember one thing: Its only practice that can help you master these tricks!

The support and interest in the Vedic system has been growing in educational sector where mathematics forerunners on the verge of finding something better, find Vedic Maths as the answer. Research finds its home for the most efficient system in the history of Mathematics. Along these lines is a search for aprocess to develop new and powerful applications of the Vedic Sutras in geometry, calculus, computing etc.


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