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10 Ramayana Facts You Never Knew All These Years!

Ramayana Unknown Facts


Ramayana is the most rehashing epic from India. It is a significant legend of Hindu mythology alongside the Mahabharata. Ramayana is about the faithful King Lord Rama and his epic fight against Ravana to spare his better half, Sita. The mythology, composed by sage Valmiki on the directions of Sage Narada, shows us numerous valuable lessons about dharma, karma, dedication, commitment to guardians and obligation towards natives. The narrative of Lord Rama has been told and retold in different dialects and structures. Ramayana is not only the account of Lord Rama but also about other individuals. We have all seen this epic on TV, but then there are things we do not know about the epic. 

Read on as we present to you the lesser-known realities about Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, and Ravana.


When Rama left for Vaikunta, it is said that he took each and every soul from Ayodhya with him. Before assuming kinship, the city of Ayodhaya was repopulated by his heirs.



There seems to be a different Ramayana that is followed in Sri Lanka. According to that, Lord Rama made a big mistake of leaving his wife alone in the forest during the exile.



We always perceive Ravana as a villain, but even Ravana had good qualities in him. This is why when Ravana was counting his last breaths and was at his deathbed on the battlefield; Lord Rama told Lakshmana to go and touch the feet of Ravana and take some knowledge from him as he was dying on the battlefield. Lord Rama said, `If I go to him (Ravana) then he will leave his body and his soul will merge into Me. So before that happens, go and learn all that you can from him’.



There is a Gita by the name Ravana. It is called Ravana Gita. Of the many Gitas that are present, it is one of them. Ravana Gita teaches many sermons to Lakshmana. After Ravana completed his teaching to Lakshmana, he gave a signal to Lord Rama. When Lord Rama comes close to Ravana, his soul leaves his body as a bright light and merges with Lord Rama. This is a story from the Adhyatma Ramayana.



Once when Hanuman saw Seetha applying sindhoor to her hair. He curiously asked her what purpose it served to which Seetha replied that it was for the long-life and well-being of Lord Rama. Hearing this, Hanuman smeared his entire body with sindhoor praying and wanting a long life of Lord Rama.



The “Shiva dhanush” which was considered unmovable and unbreakable was easily moved by Seetha during her early childhood. King Janak saw this and set the condition of “Sita Swayamvar” in the Ramayana.



Urmila, sister of Sita who was also Laxmana’s wife slept both his and her shares of sleep just so, Laxmana remained awake in order to protect Rama and Seetha during their exile. She slept for the entire period of exile, which is 14 years and only woke up when Laxmana returned to Ayodhya. Hence, Laxmana is also called “Gudakesh” which means one who has “defeated sleep”.



Ravana was a strong devotee of Lord Shiva. To impress the god, he sacrificed his head. This repeatedly happened for ten times after which Lord Shiva gave him all those heads back.



Ever wondered why squirrels have white stripes on its body? They are given by Lord Rama. When monkeys were making Ram Setu, a squirrel tried to help them. The monkey’s made fun of it, but lord Rama was impressed with its dedication. Ram patted the back of squirrel and the white stripes appeared as his fingerprints.



Kuber, God of wealth, made Lanka for himself. But, he was overthrown by his half brother, Ravana, so Ravana got Lanka


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