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Delhi World Book Fair 2019: Every Bibliophile’s Paradise!!!

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“It was a radiant winter evening at the Delhi World Book Fair which saw a huge number of bibliophiles assemble at the city’s one of the most-awaited fairs”

On Saturday with the climate staying lovely, book lovers started going to the
New Delhi World Book Fair 2019. Huge numbers of the distributors/publishers this time had decorated their stalls keeping the theme of the current year’s Delhi World Book Fair – “books for readers with special needs” in mind.

The 27th New Delhi World Book Fair which has been put at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi is a noteworthy logbook occasion in the publishing world. NDWBF 2019 is scheduled from January fifth to January thirteenth.

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The subject/theme of this current year is ‘Books for Readers with Special Needs’ and Sharjah is the ‘guest of honors’ nation. Inviting and welcoming Sharjah as the Guest of Honor at the Fair, Shri Javadekar said that more than two million Indians have made UAE their home which demonstrates that the social ties between the two nations have become strong and grown deeper throughout the years.

The New Delhi World Book Fair which happens at Pragati Maidan every year in organized by the National Book Trust, India, which is an independent association of the Government of India which comes under the Ministry of Human Resource Development with India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the nodal office of the Government of Indian under the Ministry of Commerce being the co-organizer of the fair.

The nine-day yearly occasion sees book shops, distributers and bibliophiles from all parts of the nation and abroad assembling at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

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This fair pulls in their interest from major publishing houses from all over the globe. A year ago, the fair pulled in almost 1,000 Indian Exhibitors and in excess of 30 Foreign Exhibitors.

This year the principle focal point of the fair is to investigate and explore different parts of an area of scholarly action having some articulated social importance. The accentuation is on the perusing needs of youngsters with uncommon necessities. The subject concentrations to convey forward the possibility of Inclusive Learning, and investigate different issues and measurements of making, creating and scattering content for the readers.

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National campaigns propelled in the previous two years will be put up in the Theme Pavilion at the New Delhi World Book Fair which will be made into a selfie station.

Activate initiatives like ‘Make in India‘, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘, ‘Skill India‘, ‘Startup India‘, ‘Digital India‘, ‘Smart Cities‘, and ‘Umang‘ (Unified mobile application for New-age Governance), will rule the pavilion where guests will have the capacity to click selfies with cut-outs delineating multiple campaigns.

All these campaigns have been put together and highlighted to create awareness among students,” Mr Das said.

To talk about books, the New Delhi World Book Fair has an elite display of braille books, audio books, integrated print-braille books, books for differently abled youngsters with sight or ear hindrances, medically introverted children, kids and readers with ADHD, social/mental issues/tensions, and all this is the major highlights of the Theme Pavilion. The New Delhi World Book Fair 2019 has a dedicated theme pavilion in Hall 11,12 and 12A with books in English, Hindi and other Indian languages on theme related issues.

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New Delhi World Book Fair 2019, similar to all its past releases will exhibit a wide scope of fictions and non-fictions, scholarly books other than a lot of kids’ writing and different assortments of distributions including advanced developments, so as to advance proficiency and advanced education among youngsters and the adolescent. To make the fair increasingly intuitive for the guests, ITPO has intended to present book perusing sessions, band performances, on-the – spot debates, film screenings, street plays, quizzes and narrating sessions.

Like all the other years, this year as well, it was the kids who kept the New Delhi World Book Fair vivacious with their excitement and distinct fascination in books. In spite of the fact that Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond stayed favored pick for youngsters, Book Fair 2019 likewise observes an expansion sought after of comic arrangement and tale tables.

The organizers of the New Delhi World Book Fair have likewise chosen to offer exceptional facilities offices for the understudies and the teaching community, who will be given free entry, if they are in their uniform.

Making the best of a book fair resembles taking in workmanship. Fortunately, exploring as a characteristic isn’t new for Delhiites – who crowd the Capital’s prominent insect markets with the goals to vanquish and deal their approach to guarantee an item.
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The road that will take you the New Delhi World Book Fair is a sure shot replica of Old Delhi’s chaotic yet beautiful Daryaganj market, with ads mounted on poles. But here the books will not be sold according to their weight. Nevertheless, hall number 11 and 12 has to offer you a wide range of similar English bestsellers, classics, and popular fictions. The prices were nailed at Rs 100 mentioning no chick-chick to be done around it. The 100rs novels includes hard cover novels and Agatha Christie, Frederick Forsyth, John Grisham, Arvind Adiga, Meg Cabot, Stephanie Meyer, EL James, Jane Eyre etc. were found strewn about in nearly every stall selling them.

The entry is free for children in school uniform and otherwise, is Rs. 30 for adults and Rs. 20 for children.

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New Delhi World Book Fair is not just for bibliophiles only. You will find a lot of parents around the educational book sections that have books relating to schools and a lot of university students buying books to prepare for their competitive exams. The kiddos can’t be ignored either. They were busy eyeing on coloring books, children’s books and audio rhyme books which occupied the bright side of the stall attracting the budding stars.

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Are you a fan-girl/fan-boy?? Are you the one who loves collecting the hand-signed copies of your favorite author? Are you the one who would drool over the limited edition and signed copies or books? If yes, then you will have to move beyond the popular fiction stalls covered with hanging placards reading ‘Rs 100 for 2 books’, you might encounter gems in the corners. One such discovery was Penguin Publication having the signed copies of novels written by (the author I crush on) Durjoy Dutta. Suffice to say, there are many more shelf housing many more such classic books.

Along with all the book madness on, you will find some amazing and very inexpensive stationary occupying a certain section in almost all the stalls in a large hall (Hall 12A). Here is where you’d go bonkers stocking up on notebooks with artistic covers, study table paraphernalia, bookmarks, and crisp new sheets beckoning you to buy them.

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A lot of Author’s corners are created in various halls which hence provide a great platform or discussions and debates. Such conversations and author meetups are a good arena for intellectual exchange.

This time there is also a platform for sharing ideas, enhancing literary understanding and knowing about various other nations through International Events Corners.

Just to spice it all up and bring some fun element for the books lovers, NBT has also organized a lot of cultural programs in the field son dance, music, theater and more.

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“The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”

And I perfectly agree with this. I am a lover of books along with being a crazy coffee addict, so good books and a beautiful cup of coffee is all I need to uplift my mood and spend my days. Books give me immense joy and satisfaction apart from knowledge.

And I loved thronging upon the book stalls this year also.

Did you visit New Delhi World Book Fair yet?

If no, what are you waiting for?

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