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7 Things Mosquitoes Never Want Humans To Know


Summer is in its full swing, so are the mosquitoes. As you pack your bags for a nice summer weekend campground, don’t forget to bring light clothes with long sleeves — and a truckload or two of insect repellent.

Mosquitoes are approximate of 3,500 species. They are known to transmit serious diseases, including yellow fever, Zika fever, malaria, filariasis, and dengue. With monsoon round the corner, welcome the mosquito season.

Mosquitos love a lot of things about humans, and there are a few things mosquitos do not want humans to know about them.

Read this article before heading out for some summer fun:

Leggings Are Our Favourite

leggings- mosquitoes fav

As much as you love wearing leggings, mosquitos love them too! You might have this misconception that covering up yourself in tight clothes is a very smart idea as now these tiny bugs won’t be able to attack your bare skin, right? Absolutely wrong! A study published, “Spandex is very mosquito-friendly. They bite through it.” It is better you wear loose-fitted clothes. Loose clothes make it super hard for the mosquitoes to locate exposed skin, it is just another maze for them!

Just A Little Still Water Is Enough For Us

mosquitoes breed in water
Balcony Garden Web

Mosquitoes are experts in laying eggs in the standing water. Standing water can be found in a bottle cap, flowerpot and more.  It is advised to always empty and neatly clean or turn over, cover, or throw out any possible item that holds water like buckets, planters, tires, toys, pools, birdbaths etc. Water is a kind of food source for mosquitoes when they are in their aquatic stage and they breed and feed on various matter that occurs in water. Next time onwards, keep in mind to clean all possible resources that can be the breeding spots for these tiny beings.

We Are Crazy For Beer


We all love that ice cold beer on a hot summer day, right?? Mosquitoes love it too!! If you plan on having some chilled beer this summer afternoon, just make sure to drink it up inside. A study showed that the CO2 which comes bubbling out of a beer when it’s opened is a strong agent to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitos generally use CO2 as an agent that is released out of the mammals to get close to them and bite them!

We Just Hate Smoke To The Core

mosquitoes hate smoke

No one loves a bonfire in summers but mosquitoes are unlikely to join your s’ mores party around the fire pit or campfire sing-alongs. The smoke that comes out weakens the senses of the mosquitoes, making it difficult for them to find you. Pro tip- text time you have a bonfire, don’t forget to throw in some herb branches to increase the effect.

Type O Blood Is Our Favorite


We also love you, universal donors! “Your attractiveness to mosquitoes is at least partially genetically-based,” says a technical advisor. Some of the bacteria that your skin produces when you sweat can be enticing to mosquitoes, as well as to your blood type. In general, mosquitoes are most attracted to type O blood. Blood type O mates, beware.

We Just Love The Stinky Sweat You Have! Yummy

Men’s Journal

Mosquitoes get attracted to a lot of bacteria’s and chemicals that live in your sweat, including the lactic acid. So, if you are doing some outdoor physical activity, beware—mosquitoes sense and like that moist body heat and will come running to you as fast as they can! If you are bound to perform some physical activities outdoor, avoid wearing dark clothing as it generates heat.

We Just Don’t Like Your Planned Gardens

mosquitoes hate planned gardens

Mosquitoes usually dislike a lot of lovely and flowery smelling herbs including rosemary, lemon balm, lavender, marigolds, basil and more. These tiny beings have very delicate sensing mechanisms and these smells can overwhelm them.

Keep these tips in mind, to keep mosquitoes at bay!

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