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Indo-technologies: Modern Day Padman?

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Not a long time ago, an Akshay Kumar starrer movie called Padman came out in the theatres.

It was widely acclaimed, as it reached out and touched a subject that needs a lot of attention but is often discarded because of it still being considered a taboo in our country- menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that Padman is based on a real story- the story of a man named Arunachalam Muruganantham who realized how his wife had to care about the society and money more than her hygiene.

This man fought the society and went against the acceptable norms, to be able to provide women with affordable pads- a hygiene oriented solution for their menstruation cycle. He brought a revolution, to say the least.

Every month, women, roughly in the age group of 13-45, go through their menstruation cycle, or periods, for 5-7 days. Padman blatantly showed the unhidden truth of how women end up disregarding their personal hygiene, and use things like rags and other alternatives, instead of pads. Moreover, how menstruation and hygiene is a touchy subject among family members, and how menstruation is shameful to bring it up, let alone the importance of hygiene, especially in front of male presence.

While this may not make sense to some people, most of us have witnessed the lack of open educational discussion about menstruation and menstruation related hygiene. Hiding sanitary pads in layers of newspapers or black polythene bags are common sightings, even in the most “modern” locations.

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Padman showcased how ladies, especially in rural areas, or low family income backgrounds, tend to replace sanitary napkins with a dirty piece of clothing, which they also may reuse without any care of hygiene.

Additionally, several orthodox families follow rules like women not being allowed in the kitchen, and even several parts of their home, because a place’s hygiene is more important than a human’s hygiene. They have to eat and sleep at a separate, isolated location in their home till they are “impure”.

Menstruation, something that is a natural female concept and all women go through, is simply deemed impure (even though they disregard hygiene), and even by fellow older and apparently wiser women. Sure, earlier technology like Indo-technologies’ sanitary napkin vending machine did not exist, but even today people are careless.

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All in all, Padman showed that personal hygiene during menstruation is more important than we think. Every woman has to suffer in one way or another during their cycle. Be it Pre Menstrual Syndrome, or PMS, which includes symptoms like cramps and migraine, among several others among majority of the women. There is no particular technology or invention to help women not go through menstruation every month, but there are countless conventional methods that women can follow for a good hygiene.

Indo-technologies(www.indohygiene.in), creator of their sanitary napkin vending machine, as a company, felt the need of this menstruation related awareness and why prefer pads among ladies, stood up to bring a large scale change with technology. Indo-technologies introduced a sanitary napkin vending machine, and became the modern day Padman of India. These Indo-technologies’ sanitary napkin vending machines are chiefly useful in schools, colleges and offices as they’re an easy and cheap medium for pads, especially in cases of emergencies. The Indo-technologies sanitary napkin vending machines are extremely helpful to get low cost pads, and spread awareness among both rural areas and people with improper knowledge why pads are more hygiene oriented and should be preferred.

Indo-tech has more or less contributed in the revolution of industry of pads in India by introduction of sanitary napkin vending machine. This is because Indo-technologies realized that it’s common knowledge that Indian females, especially in rural areas, are skeptical of buying expensive pads, and take no notice of their hygiene while using dirty tatters of clothes during menstruation.

This is because of two reasons:
  • Sanitary pads we see in advertisements are extremely expensive, given the low family income so many people in India have (this is where technologies like Indo-technologies’s sanitary napkin vending machine come to rescue today).
  • We have made menstruation a big deal. Women being isolated, not allowed in the temples, not allowed in the kitchen, and not even allowed to touch pickles are some ridiculous rules to follow.

While we pray to so many women goddesses at one hand, we disrespect and isolate the real women at the other hand. And at the time of menstruation, when they tend to need the most care. Most of the ladies from well-educated families are luckier in this department as they don’t always have to follow these rituals. But what about the women in rural areas, and from uneducated backgrounds? This is where Indo-technologies stepped in for rescue with their sanitary napkin vending machine.

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Today’s Padman, Indo-technologies, with its sanitary napkin vending machine technology is helping, and can help females get a hygiene oriented solution to their hesitance towards costly pads. Indo-technologies’s technology of sanitary napkin vending machine dispenses pads at such a low price, that anyone can, without uncertainty, buy them. Women, who earlier were cynical about expensive pads, today have these Indo-technologies sanitary napkin vending machines available and are able to get them at a much lower expense.

The aim of Indo-technologies is to reach out to all the women who don’t have enough knowledge about why their hygiene is so important during menstruation, and why they should opt for pads. In fact, the technology behind Indo-technologies’s sanitary napkin vending machine keeps the pads fresh and doesn’t compromise with the hygiene factor at all. This technology helps women get pads anytime of any day, with just a few coins in hand.

This sanitary napkin vending machine technology by Indo-technologies(www.indohygiene.in) is a revolutionary solution for women’s menstruation all over India. Indo-technologies uses an intelligent technology in these sanitary napkin vending machines, which can provide pads in any emergency conditions. This sanitary napkin vending machine also gives the power to ladies, and helps them be more confident about their period, without having to worry about finding pads in case of menstruation emergencies.

This technology by Indo-technologies for sanitary napkin vending machine is clearly contributing in empowering women as well as general awareness about menstruation, given that they show that menstruation is a natural process and not a taboo and that they are they hygiene oriented solution.

Indo-technologies has changed the pads industry with sanitary napkin vending machine and this had led to Indo-technologies be called today’s Padman.

With Indo-Technologies by your side- #feelhappytobleed.

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