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5 Lesser-Known Gmail Tricks That You Should Definitely Use While Working At Home

Gmail tips that you didn't know about
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In the early days when we could not do much except checking mails, composing them, and sending them, we always had a strong desire to have an ‘undo’ option.

With the advent of browser-based webmail and dynamic customization, there are several gmail tricks that are not used commonly but have the potential to better your email experience. We are listing down the most favourite 5 gmail tips that you should use. 

The Confidential Mode

Gmail’s confidential mode is eprecisely what it sounds like.

Gmail- The Confidential Mode
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The receiver cannot copy, forward, or print the mail. You can even set an expiry time for the email or protect access with a secret passcode for added safety. To send an email in this mode, you need to click on the small padlock symbol that is at the bottom of the compose window. A dialogue box will pop-up and you will be required to set passcode and expiry timings. 

Increase Undo Time

We all have been using Gmail’s undo option for months now. But do you know that you can increase undo’s time?

Gmail - Increase Undo Time
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By default, gmail gives you a 50second window to undo a sent email but this time limit can be increased to 10, 20, and 30 seconds (the maximum time-limit to call back an email). 

Schedule Emails

Gmail - Schedule Emails
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Gmail has introduced this feature very recently. To schedule your important emails, go to the compose mail box, start drafting your email, click on the drop-down arrow on the send button, select ‘schedule send’.Now select the time you want to deliver your drafted emails. 

Going Aliases

 You can add an alias to make unlimited email accounts with just a single Gmail account. You can add the ‘+’ symbol after your user-name and add an alias just before ‘@’ symbol. 

Going Aliases
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Lets understand this with an example. 

If you want to separate your personal and professional emails. You can do the following in Gmail settings. 

username+personal@gmail.com for personal emails and, 

username+professional@gmail.com for professional emails

Using aliases permits you to cut the mess and filter your responses. 

Making Customized Filters

Customized Filters
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Gmail also allows you to make customized filters for your inbox. 

  1. Go to Gmail settings using the gear icon
  2. Select filters and blocked addresses tab
  3. Click on ‘create new filter’
  4. Enter keywords and also include a sender name of the domain
  5. Click on ‘create filter’
  6. Select the action (what to do with filtered email – Delete, Mark as Read, Archive)

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