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10 Things That You Never Knew About CV Raman

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The man who expounded one of the greatest theory in the areas of Physics 90 years ago. Yes, I am talking about the great “CV Raman and Raman Effect”. Raman Effect is the most influential discoveries in the world of pure science. CV Raman Ji was born in Madras on 7 November 1888 and since then, he is making our country proud. Let’s dive into his discoveries and see how he contributed to our country.

‌1. India celebrates 28th February as National Science Day to remember the remarkable achievements achieved by Sir CV Raman. As mentioned earlier, he came up with the theory of Raman Effect which is also known as Raman Scattering. ‌

‌2. He and his theory received a lot of appreciation but in 1930, he became the first Asian and the first Non-white to receive a Nobel prize in the field of science. ‌

‌3. At a very young age of 17, he completed his post-graduation (MA in Physics). Can you imagine? ‌

‌4. He published so many papers in Physics. He was one of the greatest researchers of his times. Trust me, research is a very tough job. Research always asks to provide novelty to the world and his researchers have tremendously been famous in foreign lands as well. He is famous for writing and working for papers even in his leisure trips. That’s how awesome and curious about the world he was. He was a fellow of the Royal society of physics which is situated in London, England. ‌

‌5. Raman Sir’s motivation was not to earn enough. Not to be popular in his field. His motivation was the “wonderful blue opalescence of the Mediterranean Sea” (Don’t get perplexed, he was most likely talking about reflection theory).

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‌6. He was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1954 which he should have received much before. Don’t you think so? I think realizing significant contributions too late is a habit of Indian government which was ruling that time. ‌

‌7. In 1957, he also received the Lenin Peace Prize for strengthening the peace among the societies. ‌

‌8. He always believed in independent thinking and hard work. He always has given more than 100% to achieve what he has. It’s not a simple task but does not seem impossible at the same time. ‌‌

9. After India got independence in 1947, the new Government of free India appointed Raman Sir as the first National Professor. ‌

‌10. Raman Sir died on November 21, 1970, and Indian postal service designed a stamp of CV Raman with a background of diamond on it as Raman is considered the brightest diamond of all times. ‌

‌Today, let’s salute the contributions given by Raman Sir as today is his day. We hardly remember any scientist but today lets remember all the scientist like CV Raman who have made our nation proud after all today is National Science Day…

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