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The Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers of All Times.


With the Formula 1 season on this year, exciting times are certainly ahead for F1 fans all over the world. Drivers have signed new contracts with legendary teams and as the Melbourne race comes to an end, we look forward to more adrenaline rushed races ahead.

As we enjoy the races, let us also look back at some of the most legendary F1 racing drivers:

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Considered to be one of the greatest Formula 1 racers of all time, Fernando Alonso has paved quite a road with his performance. Hailing from the rugged mountains of Asturias in Spain, Alonso is known for being able to retrieve the best out of his cars and be able to deliver peak consistency lap after lap. Alonso has earned himself two world titles. For a man who makes razor sharp decisions in the blazing fast speeds, is a clinical overtaker and is revered amongst the bigwigs of Formula 1, a spot in our top ten list of F1 Legends is well deserved. 


If you have seen the movie ‘Rush’, you know why this man deserves a spot in this list. Niki Lauda is hailed as one of the greatest ever of F1 drivers. Having recovered miraculously from one of the worst Formula 1 crashes in Japan, Lauda was seen to come out of his destroyed Ferrari with a blood stained fireproof balaclava. Upon his comeback just after forty two days of his recovery from the massive burns, Lauda finished fourth at the Nurburgring in the German Grand Prix making his Ferrari the quickest out of the three. The man won three world titles and twenty five races throughout his career. 


The four time world champion who currently cracks down racing circuits in his roaring Ferrari is certainly one of the active greatest if not of all time in Formula 1. Vettel is one of Red Bull’s greatest prides and has proven himself to be a lethal player in the sport. If a racer spots Vettel tailing them, it is time to get twice as focused or get overtaken in the bat of an eyelid! Watch out for Vettel in the red Ferrari this season as the racer may just do wonders on the track. 

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One of the most dominant figures in his era, Sir Jackie Stewart is considered to be the greatest Formula 1 driver of all times. His phenomenal legacy consists of twenty seven Grand Prix wins in ninety races. Stewart was one of the trailblazers for heightened safety in the sport, which has later tricked down to save so many lives of racers in future. He was the first driver to put on a seatbelt while driving his formula 1 car and insisted upon the usage of barrier lining of circuits, wearing of fire resistant clothing and pit walls.

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Moss was also known as ‘Mr. Motor Racing’ and was one of the most towering figures in the sport of Formula 1. His dominance was so massive that his name became synonymous with the sport itself. Moss’s sheer legacy is stark proof that statistics always does not dictate the greatness of a Formula 1 driver. Winning is a combination of a lot of factors, many of which are out of the controls of the driver. 


Prost was one of the greatest racers on the track which the world has ever seen. The four time world title was revered throughout and had one of the most stellar careers in the history of Formula 1. It was the lethal performance of Prost that pushed Senna, one of the greatest of F1 legends to push himself to his absolute limits and beat what Prost achieved. 


In today’s day and age, Michael Schumacher is the man who has won the most ever Formula 1 world titles in the history of the sport. Seven is the number. Schumacher’s achievements could be boiled down to a plethora factors, one of the key ones being his immensely hard working nature. Hailing from Germany, Schumacher is considered legendary in the world of Formula and is hailed as one of the very best drivers of all time. 


Clark had made Formula 1 races as predictable as they could get. Dominating every single one of them, Jim Clark was a hard contender to bring down in his era. Lotus owes a tremendous lot to this driver for keeping them at the bleeding edge of every single race and outperforming fellow constructors. Clark’s uncanny ability to drive around a car even with problems and his smoothness of manoeuvring the car with little effort truly made him a sensational driver. 


Fangio won five world titles within seven seasons. Thats a slither of the massive records which he has set in the sport. Fangio was known for his killer instincts and his extraordinary skill at the craft. His capability to be able to multi-task and laser sharp focus made him a formidable opponent. Being able to anticipate is a quality Fangio had mastered. 


Senna is revered in the sport for his truly unmatched dedication to the sport and his sheer effort towards performing at peak every single time. His raw talent and terrifying levels of determination had turned him into becoming a powerful force of nature itself. Known for his sheer ruthlessness and an uncanny sixth sense on the track, Senna performed remarkably every time he got into a car. His performance on wet roads, a challenging surface for most Formula 1 drivers, is a surface Senna tackled like a dream. This is why Senna gets to be number one of all time in Formula 1 drivers.

There you have it. Formula 1 2019 is going to be an exciting season. Now having known more about the F1 legends, watch the current season. Who do you think is the next F1 legend? 

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