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When music and work out are inseparable

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Lost in the daydreams, headphones over my head, absent from the crowd and suddenly, I heard “agla station kashmere gate hai”. No…I was not dreaming about my crush…I was not talking to my BFF either…Umm…well…I was fantasizing about me working out. Yes! You heard it correct. I was listening to the songs that rejuvenate me while working out. Yes! I am aware that some fellows don’t like listening to the music while working out. But my music and work out are inseparable. I think “work out” has become a new trend in the society, almost all my friends are members in one gym or another. Whether they work out or not? Well…That’s a different story. But, fortunately, I am not a part of the flock, I go to the gym daily and sweat for an hour.

Sometimes, I also get astounded that how in the world I did that, and, when I think of an answer I always recollect the stories when I felt inspired not because of the trainer…not because of the aspiration of being slimmer…but only because of the songs that were tuned in…My playlist comprises of Hindi as well as English songs. I remember doing the sit-ups when “remember my name” by Fort Minor was played on…I also remember doing the squats when I was listening to the song “Lakshay ko har haal me pana hai” by veteran music composer and singer Shankar Mahadevan.


Music leads me to a different zone of working out in which I believe that I can do most of the things. And, I believe that work out and music is a magnificent combination.Not because I have the stories of me getting encouraged for the exercise, but, because of the prominent figures such as who have shown the combination of work out and music to the world. Can you recall the trend when many celebrities Virat Kohli, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone etc. etc. shared their videos of working out on their social media handle? That was the time when many folks like me got motivated for the same.

Let me tell you one thing, work out is not easy. It takes time to be familiar with all the moves and the pain. But with music, the journey becomes easier. It is said that the “music accompaniment to exercise and sporting events provides an important beneficial effect on the exercise and sports experience”.

“Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it”
-Lou Rawls

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I remember watching FIFA 2010 Final in which Shakira instilled the zeal of performing well in all the football players through her enchanted voice. In most of the sports finales, we find one slot booked for music performance. Not only this, various sports anthem such as Waka Waka, Play Bold India have been written to encourage the players…How music can push people to perform well… According to Neilson (A Leading Research Firm), Sports and music are becoming a natural duo because music increases the work productivity. Various studies have proven the fact that music diverts our mind from tiredness, fatigue, and boredom in the best possible way.

And, when you are running on the treadmill, music gives you hope, a hope to be the “sexy version” of you (No pun intended). It makes you optimistic by flooding you with motivation and internal motivation can make you do anything while working out. Just like dance requires synchronization with music, I synchronize while working out…may sound boring but looks fabulous. So, girls and guys…put on the sports shoes…take out your headphones/earphones…and start running…because…

“Music is one such thing that everybody, irrespective of the age, can relate to”



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