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10 Outdoor Games From The 90’s That Will Give You A Sudden Gush Of Nostalgia!

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The ’90s was the most amazing time to be born in, don’t you think so? In that time, there were best cartoons to binge-watch on, zillions of cool candies to much on, addictive games to play and whatnot. When it comes to games, we are not talking about Pokemon Go or any other digital games, we are talking about the real, outdoor games like Pakdam Pakdai and Chupan Chupai. Lagori, Kancha, Gilli-danda, Kho Kho – recognize any of these names. We were all so addicted to these games that our days were just incomplete without playing them. We were all so mad that we would rush back from school to play and pay no heed to our mom’s constant calling us back home to eat food or maybe change clothes. Not only this, we all used to gulp down food and made the most of recess at school.

From 90’s to now, as technology and the internet took over the world, all these outdoor games lost their charm. Kids today just do not know the feeling of picking out a dirt-filled ball from the sewage drains and ducking whenever that gross ball comes flying while playing Maaram Pitti. With a new, amazing and innovative game to play every minute and every minute, there was not even one dull moment! Also, most of these games that were invented or played could be changed or improvised by bringing in their own rules and ideas. No matter what game was not to be played, the ‘deener‘ was always chosen with a ‘pukam‘.

We have been missing those beautiful, good ol’ days a little too much now, so, we went back in time to put together a list of games we all, 90’s babies loved to play. 

So, we here at Curiouskeeda have compiled a list of 10 such forgotten outdoor games you may want to remember and feel nostalgic:


Maaram Pitti

maaram pitti game
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We all had that special talent of ducking down on time when we saw the ball coming towards us. In addition, when the opportunity was in hands, we all used to aim the ball so hard to hit our best friends or to the person who did hit us hard before. All that just bounced away!


Vish-Amrit / Baraf-Paani

Ice-water game
Source: www.inuth.com

We all hoped to not being the deener while trying to ‘Amrit’ your friend! It was such a fun-filled game.


Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the middle game
Source: ourpastimes.com

A taller friend always loved playing Monkey in the Middle because it could go on for hours over their poor, shorter siblings’ heads. 



Stapoo outdoor games
Source: www.dsource.in

Aiming a stone in the right box and hopping on one leg, it was so much fun. Stepping on the line and being eliminated was the hardest part. It will be so much fun to watch now!


Oonch Neech Ka Papda

Oonch Neech Ka Papda outdoor games
Source: www.dsource.in

It was so much fun and adrenaline gushing to climb on to a raised surface and tease the deener. Remember how we all used to climb the tyers to be safe when oonch was called.


Poshampa Bhai Poshampa

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa outdoor games
Source: www.dsource.in

The Indianised version of Simon went back and ‘London Bridge is falling down’. It was fun to be in jail and eat food there.

‘Laal Quile Mein Kya Hua
Sau Rupaye Ki Ghadi Churayi
Ab Toh Jel Mein Jana Padega
Jail Ki Roti Khani Padegi
Jail Ka Pani Peena Padega
Ab Toh Jail Mein Jana Padega…’


Chain Chain

Chain chain outdoor games
Source: thesoulofmyindia.wordpress.com

A game like ‘pakdam pakdai’, it was fun to get hold of your friend and the one who was the fastest in running when you were deener. 


Langdi Tang

Langdi Tang outdoor games
Source: akhilkadway.wixsite.com

It was crazy to run in just one leg, even at the cost of looking like crazy chickens.



Kancha outdoor games
Source: www.dawn.com

This game has still not lost its charm amongst the kids in rural areas, but in the modern cities, the game involving the beautiful glass balls has just gone up the clouds.


Red Light, Green Light

Red Light and Green Light outdoor games
Source: icebreakerideas.com

We wish it was as easy now to follow these traffic rules like all those years of playing Red Light, Green Light. But playing that came surely paid off now when we got our license.

Feeling nostalgic and missing your gang?? Tag your friends and they feel nostalgic and miss you!

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