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India Unlock 1.0: Guidelines For Visiting Malls, Offices, Religious Places Etc.

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Shopping malls, religious places, hotels, and eateries that were shut for more than 2 months due to the nationwide lockdown, have opened today in Unlock  India 1.0 (Phase 1). But, going to such places will no longer be the same as they used to be. The government has released stringent rules to fight the battle against novel coronavirus. The virus has led to the deaths of more than 7,000 people in India. Hence, it becomes important to embrace all the instructions while visiting such places. 

To ensure social distancing at the religious or public places, the Health Ministry has released sets of guidelines of Unlock 1.0 that have come into effect from today. Besides all of this, the ministry has advised senior citizens (particularly above 65 years) and immuno-compromised individuals to stay at their homes. 

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Before we present places’ wise guidelines, let’s understand the government’s game of plan to unlock India. 

Unlock Phase 1: 

The following commercial and non-commercial activities have been allowed, with effect from today:

  1. Religious places
  2. Restaurants, Hotels, and other hospitality services
  3. Shopping malls

Unlock Phase 2:

Educational and training institutions, colleges, etc will be opened after consulting with States and UTs. The decision will be taken in the month of July 2020. 

Unlock Phase 3:

After assessing the situation, dates for resuming the operations of the following things will still need to be decided by the government: 

  1. International air travel 
  2. Metro services
  3. Swimming pools, cinema halls, gyms, assembly halls, auditoriums
  4. Sports, political entertainment, academic & cultural functions

Here are the do’s and don’ts guidelines of Unlock 1.0 public places’ wise


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  1. Arogya Setu App should be downloaded in staff’s mobile-phones
  2. Follow social distancing
  3. Adequate number of employees need to be deployed by the mall management
  4. Customers are not supposed to over-crowd any corner of the mall
  5. 50% seating capacity has been allowed in food courts
  6. Wearing mask is compulsory
  7. Customers are prescribed to keep sanitizers’ bottles with them
  8. Tables should be sanitized properly once the customer leaves the table


  1. Not adhering to social norms shall lead to strict actions by the administration
  2. Cash transactions are not encouraged
  3. Children’s play areas will remain closed. Parents are guided to take care of their children properly
  4. 2 people are not allowed to be closer to the escalator. Standing on the alternative steps has been notified


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  1. Arogya Setu App should be downloaded in employees’ mobile-phones
  2. Follow social distancing
  3. Adequate number of employees should be deployed by the mall management
  4. Wearing a mask is mandatory
  5. Proper disinfection of door handles, and doors should be taken
  6. Pregnant employees need to be taken up extra precautions (if they need to come to the office)
  7. Video-conferencing for meetings is encouraged
  8. An adequate supply of hand-sanitizers, liquid soaps in office should be provided


  1. 2 employees can not sit closely with each other
  2. In cafeterias, employees are not advised to stay close and eat with their colleagues or friends
  3. Visitors are not allowed to enter from the main gate. Separate entry should be allowed for visitors and staffs
  4. Pregnant women and immuno-compromised employees should do work from home (until and unless going office is required)

Religious Places

Religious Places - unlock
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  1. Entry via thermal screening is mandated
  2. Follow social distancing
  3. Adequate number of devotees should be allowed to enter
  4. Staggering of devotees shall be done
  5. The floors should be cleaned multiple times a day
  6. Effective sanitation shall be maintained with proper focus on lavatories, foot/hand washing station areas


  1. Touching of idols, holy books are not allowed
  2. Devotional gatherings are not allowed 
  3. Physical offerings such as prasad, holy water are prohibited


If you don’t want to get affected by the virus, try to stay at home if there is no urgency. If you are an office-goer, and your office has requested to begin working from the office, maintain all social distancing rules as well as other guidelines (mentioned above) in Unlock India 1.0.

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