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Top 4 Spooky Paranormal Games To Try At Least Once!

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Have a sleepover coming this weekend or just generally want to do something fun?

Crazy for some horror stuff and eyeing on trying some fun spine-chilling scary games. These games might truly go beyond from just having fun to some paranormal territory. These games will have you screaming and checking under your bed before you go to sleep. They will keep you awake at night wondering if the game really ended or not. Some horror games are best played alone at midnight. Other ones are meant to be played in a room full of friends with a six pack of beer.

Here’s a few of the latter kind which can be played in a group that suits an outdoor setting to intensify the fun.

1. Bloody Mary

We’ve all heard of this game but don’t have the guts to try it and don’t actually know how to play the game. So, in order to play this game, you need a mirror, candles and a lightness room. This game is typically played in bathrooms because they are dark and have a mirror but you can also try this in your room. Keep in mind there should be no more than 2 players or else it’ll be no fun. The rules of Bloody Marry are pretty simple.

Curiouskeea - Paranormal Games - Blood Mary

1. Stare at the mirror with candles lit, looking into your own eyes continuing to chant “Bloody Mary” into the mirror for as long as it takes in order to summon her.
2. With time she may present herself beside you or behind you.
3. If you feel scared, you can leave the room at any time but Bloody Marry will leave with you!

2. The Corner Game

This game must be played by four people in an empty building with no pets, lights and people besides the players present in the building. It should be played in a clean empty room within that building. To play, all the four players should enter the room each speaking their own names aloud three times.

Curiouskeea - Paranormal Games - Corner

1. One of the player is designated as the speaker and they are the only ones allowed to speak from then on.
2. Each of the players picks one corner of the room staring at the wall with their backs to the center of the room.
3. Speaker will count till three and after each countdown the players must move clockwise to the next corner of the room, keeping their backs to the center of the room while facing the wall.
4. Now one of the player has to disappear and the speaker will tell the other three members to enact the emergency procedure i.e. each player must speak their name backward three times.
5. Player closest to the light switch will turn on the lights of the room, now the disappeared player should return but all must beware of the spirits returning with him!

3. The Elevator Game

This is the scariest and the complex of all! To play this game you need to find a public building that is at least ten floors tall with an elevator. This game should be played with at least two people.

Curiouskeea - Paranormal Games - Elevator Game

1. To play the spookiest game you need to enter the elevator at the first floor but do not play the game if a person apart from your group enters the elevator with you, immediately end the game if at any point another person enters with you.
2. When the time is right press the fourth-floor button, when the elevator reaches the fourth floor, choose the second floor, now when you reach the second-floor press the button for the sixth floor and when you reach the sixth, return to the second floor.
3. Now press the button for the tenth floor and then the button for the fifth-floor, now if a woman enters the elevator at the fifth-floor do not look at her! And press the button for the first-floor. The elevator will ascend or descend.
4. If the elevator returns to the first floor leave and warning you do not look back! If the elevator goes to the tenth floor you may exit the elevator but do not look at or respond to the woman if she asks you where you are going.
If you are alone, you are in the other world!
5. To return to your world enter the elevator and repeat the same sequence of four, two, six, two, ten, five. Do not leave the elevator unless you are certain that you are home or else!

4. Three Kings

Want to know what happens in a different world? This game is meant to access different dimensions. In order to play, you’ll need three chairs, two mirrors, candles and a dark room with no visible light. Follow the following steps.

Curiouskeea - Paranormal Games - Three Kings

1. Position the chairs in a triangle with the mirrors sitting on two of the chairs such that from your chair you can barely see your own reflection from the corner of your eyes.
2. At 3:33 am light the candle and sit on the empty chair. Do not look directly at the other two mirror or the candle.
3. If you set the game up properly you will have a conversation with yourself in other dimensions!

Do you believe any of these games actually work? If you give any of them a shot, take them seriously. Don’t cut corners, and don’t treat them as a joke. Even if you don’t really believe in them… well, better safe than sorry, right?
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