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Things to Do Before You Leave College!

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So, those who cleared their board exams this year will be starting their new life in a college. And yes, you were right, ask those who have been there for a year or two now, college days, for everyone, means memories. It is a place where we all want to come again, it is a place where we had our share of happiness and pain, where we all had that friendship of friends, crush’s rejections and a lot more.

College truly means something else, it’s not fiction. It is a place where we sit in classrooms to stare out of windows without any interest in lectures. It is a place where you make friends and experience things that hardly come by again in life, and therefore, it is important to live every day of college to the maximum because those golden days of your life can never come back.

Throughout your days in college, there are a few things which cannot be missed at any cost!
Started this year or any year, if you are in college read on to find out:

1. Travel!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Travel

College is the time when you finally gain a certain degree of independence to step out into the real world. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore as much as possible. Regardless of whichever country you’re currently doing your education from, there is always a scope for travelling. So, don’t wait for your senior year and travel as enthusiastically as your budget and time allows you. And remember, money is really not a problem when it comes to travelling! You can have the most amazing trip with a superiorly tight budget, and that is what college should be all about! To accommodate low budget travelers there are hostels and dharamshalas to spend the night and move your groove the next morning. The experiences you will gain during this time of your life are nothing short of priceless! The world awaits you. So, get out there and discover new experiences for yourself!

2. Earn Some Pocket Money!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Money

That’s right! You’re currently old enough to earn yourself a little bit of self-dependence. Earning a bit of money during these college days could go a long way! The jobs which you can pick up could be very menial and not overly time consuming, so that they don’t interfere with your college work. Pick up simple jobs such as teaching school kids, freelancing as writers, designers, research assistants or in whichever skill you are good at, working with NGOs, taking paid internships for WfH kind of work. This will give you a real sense of earning money and spending what is truly yours. What says mind-blowing more, than not having to ask your parents for pocket-money anymore?

3. Learn how to cook!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Cooking

This one is absolutely essential and most definitely if you are the one with the Y chromosome! College is not simply about further education, but is a journey where one really learns how to become self-dependent and in that journey, cooking is a key milestone for you college folks! Get hold of some basic and essential recipes which does not require too many ingredients or complex techniques. And NO! Mixing Maggie and masala in boiling water is NOT cooking. Make sure you can cook them without anyone’s help and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up developing a knack for it too!

4. Participate! Participate! Participate!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Participate

College days can be a roller coaster of experiences and opportunities which you can cherish for the rest of your life! Throughout your days in college, there will be endless amount of events, competitions, seminars, games, festivals and lots more for you to go participate in and take that experience with you. So, do not feel shy! It’s time you stopped feeling shy! Take your bums and fo to that next event and participate and make college life an absolute blast!

5. Make Friends For Life!

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There is no better place than college to make friends for life. During these days of college, meet lots of new people and try making as many friends as you can. All may not stay forever but the memories of all will stay with you forever. Together, you will create memories and have experiences which will become part of your stellar time at college. Good friends made in college usually stick around for a lifetime, and a bond as special as this is incomparable to anything else!

6. Read A Lot!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Read

Sounds boring? Trust me, it isn’t when you pick up the right set of books! Once you start with what you love to read, there will be no free time for you. College is about educating yourself as much as possible and reading is an essential part of it. Reading can become a lot of fun when you start with the right book. Step out of your curriculum and go the extra mile to learn new and interesting things while you’re still in college. Reading is such a craze that once there was once a startup randomly placed books in the metro, which you could pick up read and put back somewhere in the metro. Next time, pick up any topic which interests you and get started with a book on it.

7. Work as an Intern!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Intern

College is a great time to learn new skills by getting a practical insight into the profession you plan to take up after graduating. Grab an internship at a place where you think will turn out as an amazing learning experience for you before committing to the profession. Internships other than being a fantastic college experience, really adds to your CV and can surely give you an edge over the competition!

8. Join Clubs!

Curiouskeeda - Leave College - Clubs

College is a great opportunity for all of you to find out new hobbies, experiences and passions! Every college will have its own clubs and associations which pertains to different activities and disciplines. Pick the ones you feel are interesting and be part of them. Participate in the activities and contests they hold, and who knows, you might discover something new about yourself!

So there you have it! Did we miss anything which you must do when you’re in college? Tell us in the comments section below!

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