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The Invisible Fun That Indian Weddings Have…

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Wedding season is on the clouds and this year has been a wedding year in Bollywood industry. In India, wedding is the collaboration of two families which promise to help each other till their eternity. Indian weddings include many lively events such as Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi and what not. From Deepika’s wedding to PeeCee’s , we all it know it by heart now, after going through their social media updates. Right?  (Their weddings were the most sensational weddings in the chronicles of Bollywood).

Indian weddings are not about free food, the bride’s look, and lavish locations. Indian weddings have got more than it. Here we have listed down 10 things about our hot-shots Indian weddings that might leave a smile on your faces.

Are you ready to smile? 

1.Have we entered the right wedding?

 Hath me tohfa, Muh pe smile… cham chamate kapde and shaqal pe confusion.. Aur mann mein ..”ye kahan aaagaye hum, yoohin saath saath chalte”

2. People eating snacks at every corner and you are looking at their plates to find out the menu that you like the most.

3. Why the hell DJ is not playing my kinda songs?

DJ’s playlist is limited to the new songs of the times and sometimes, they just go too much either with Punjabi songs or with Bollywood songs. Dude! I want the combination man!

4. Run!! The photographer is coming…

Why the hell these photographers want to capture you only when you are eating? I eat like a horse!

5. Dulha takes too time to reach the stage (the wedding stage) from the entrance.

And, the guests be like 11 baj Gaye lekin shadi abhi Baki Hai  because aane wali baraat abtak chaukhatnpe naachri hai 

6. Now when the barat arrives, nobody gives a f*** to the couple, everybody directly goes to the food stalls.

7. The ones who are too old, get nostalgic with the wedding couple’s memories. “Bhot chhota sa dekha Tha ab to kafi bada ho gaya”

8. None of them enjoy the wedding as much as the wedding crashers do!

And, all the aunties discussing ye ladke Hain kaun?

9. Dulha’s and Dulhan’s Feelings:
Khana kab milega yaar? Both of us are damn hungry.

10. And, the wedding ends with Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu mangalam karunagdhwaja Sarv mangal mangalye shive sarvaarth sadhike.”

And, all the sleepy heads out there: “Abe jaldi khatam kar na pandit”

Did we miss out anything? Let us know in the comment section below….

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