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“Singlendra Akelabali” Had One Hell Of A Valentine’s Week This Year. Or Was It?

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Last 8 days were completely dedicated to the romance. Social media platforms were bombarded with the images, texts, and the videos of valentine’s days. Most of the lovely couples spent time together and some were fasting because of Mahashivratri. But today, when Valentine’s week is over let me tell you how my Valentine week was…

1. Rose Day – When I thought she brought me a rose… 🙁

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Rose Day

2. Propose Day – When I walked with a banner around the street… 🙁

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Kiss Day

3. Chocolate Day – That was “Gobar Day” for me… 🙁

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Chocolate Day

4. Teddy Day – When I tried to give her a teddy, but she helped me to reduce a few calories…Oh, how benevolent she is… 🙁 

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Teddy Day

5. Promise Day – That was the time when I was exhausted… 🙁

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Promise Day

6. Hug Day – Everyday is a “Hug Day”… 😀 

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Hug Day

7. Kiss Day – Oh! That dream… 😉 

Curiouskeeda - SVW - Kiss Day

8. Valentine Day – When you go for a walk to the park… 🙁 

Curiouskeeda - SVW - The Final Day


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