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#NewTrafficRule Amended- Netizens showed their creativity by starting a meme fest on social media

new traffic rule meme

The Lok Sabha passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019, which came into effect from Sunday. Speaker Om Birla passed the Bill based on a voice vote in the Lower House of Parliament.

Under the new rules, fines for offences such as drunk driving, unauthorized use of vehicles, driving licenses, disobeying traffic laws etc. As soon as the bill was passed, a two-wheeler was fined Rs 23,000 in Gurugram.

The stricter penalties have brought forth a range of reactions and jokes on social media. It has triggered hilarious reactions on social media, with many coming up with memes and jokes to express their views on the various clauses and fines.

Here are some of the many memes trending on social media

Be safe, drive safe guys! Don’t let there be a hole in your pocket!

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