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Heartily Healthy! Happy World Heart Day

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We don’t want you to recall even the slightest moment of your first unsuccessful relationship, however, you must have felt, what we say “heart-broken”. The term heart-broken in itself is ironically humorous because there is no such real thing as a broken heart. Right? You probably didn’t know this but it is possible to have a broken heart. Surprise? The condition is referred to as broken heart syndrome and can have symptoms close to a heart attack. A rush of hormones causes the Broken Heart Syndrome. Any physical or emotional stress can be the cause of your death. (We don’t want to scare you.) Consider yourself the luckiest person on this planet if you broke up on a certain Monday and are still reading this article with many more healthy years on your calendar. This is because for some strange reason most heart attacks happen on Mondays. If this was not oddly awe striking yet, what if we tell you Christmas day is the most common day of the year for heart attacks to happen! Bizarre yet true! One more dazzling fact about the  human heart is that it can continue to beat even when it’s disconnected from the body. We have seen all those Instagram videos right?

If the human body is an epitome of master craft, the heart is the root cause for the efficient performance of this piece of technicality. However, hardly our brain entertains the thoughts of keeping the heart steady and fit. The human heart is as big as a large fist and it beats about 70 to 190 beats per minute. The facts are boring because the heart performs on the main stage silently throughout the years. If not treated with adequate care and proper check-ups, you would fall short many years on your calendar.

September 29 is regarded as the World Heart Day for the calendar year. The day is all in all about a promise. It’s about a promise as an individual to eat and cook more healthily, to be actively indulged in exercising and encouraging your loved ones to lose the lazy procrastinator within, to say no to smoking and help your dear ones to stop. A promise as a healthcare professional to save more lives. A promise as a politician to implement an NCD action plan. Looking after your heart means eating and drinking well, exercising, avoiding smoking and a lot more. The major purpose is to not only make your heart healthier but also make you realize things that actually it feel god to enjoy your life to the fullest.

In May 2012, “There will be a reduction in global mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025”, these were the talking terms for the world leaders. CVD (cardiovascular disease) is accountable for nearly half of all NCD deaths making it the world’s serial killer, the number one killer. World Heart Day, therefore, provides the perfect platform for the CVD community to join hands in unitedness in order to fight the rage against CVD and hence reduce the global disease burden.

Created by the WHF, World Heart Day was born with the aim to inform the masses around the globe about CVD. The deadly absorbing fact about  CVDs is for the number of deaths accounted. The death causing CVD could range from a minor heart disease to multiple strokes. World Heart Day highlights the actions that we as individuals can take to prevent and control CVD. One of the aims is to drive action to educate people that by controlling risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity, at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) along with the premature deaths could also cause disability, which in turn have accounted for the lives of 17.5 million people a year. The CVDs are very common. The fraction of the deaths due to CVD is one-third of all deaths on the planet and one-half of all non-communicable-disease-related deaths. It is statistically determined that around 80% of these deaths are in low- and middle-income countries. These are the same countries where human and financial resources are also one of the bigger factors for deaths due to excessive expenditure on healthcare and medical facilities.

World Heart Day, over past years, has played a crucial role to bring about a change. World Health Day has become a  global and indeed a vital platform for the community to make people aware. The sense that we, along with the shoulders of a community of selfless members and supporters, can use the stage set by the occasion to raise awareness amongst masses and encourage individuals, families, communities, and governments to bring out the required response as soon as possible. The platform empowers the community together with the power to reduce the burden premature deaths from, CVD, helping people everywhere to live longer, better, heart-healthy lives.

For the World Heart Day in 2017, the World Heart Federation (WHF) aimed to raise awareness about the link present between poor air quality and heart disease. Through the facts and reports, it could be easily concluded that outdoor and household air pollution are the majorly increasing important risk factor for CVD (cardiovascular disease). Stated by the recent researches, air pollution is indeed the cause of 19% of all CVD deaths, which in turn, accounts for more than 3 million deaths each year. Seven million people die untimed deaths every year from air pollution. In South Africa, one in five deaths is due to CVD.

Cardiovascular diseases are the no doubt, prior cause of people dying. It is referred to as the world’s number one killer today. However, this should not be the case. It would only take a few minor changes to change our lives. One can reduce all the possibilities of being taken over by the deadliest CVD on the plant or in simple words, the risk of heart disease and stroke, if he/she is willing improving their quality of life and in turn setting a good example for the generations to come. It all boil downs to one saying out loud for himself/herself, the people one really cares about and all others who matter , “what can I do right now to look after MY HEART… and YOUR HEART?

Below are a few steps to build a heart-healthy enough to sustain for the future. After all, it is the heath of the heart, which is the heart of our health.

  1. Work Out for 30 Minutes, Four Times a Week
    People who work for  2 or more hours cumulatively per week have 60 percent less risk of heart attack than inactive men do.
  2. Drink Five Glasses of Water a Day
    Researchers say the water dilutes the blood, making it less likely to clot.
  3. Switch from Coffee to Tea
    A recent study found that people who drink three cups of tea a day have half the risk of heart attack of those who don’t drink tea at all. Potent antioxidants, called flavonoids, provide a protective effect.
  4. Eat Salmon on Saturday, Tuna on Tuesday
    The magic ingredient is the omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Ask Your Doctor About Vitamin E and Aspirin
    People who take both cut the plaque in clogged arteries by more than 80 percent.
  6. Count to 10
    Creating a 10-second buffer before reacting to a stressful situation may be enough to cool you down. Those who respond with anger are three times more likely to have heart disease. Who would like to lose his cool if in turn, it kills you?

There you have it all, take care of your heart, you just have one!

Happy World Heart Day!
Keep it beating buddies!

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