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Gandhi Fades Away


Randomly visiting the calendar on the smartphone, the younger generation realized that they had a holiday on 2nd of October. Hurrah! We got one more day to practice for our competition, said the College Secretary and the entire team took a sigh of relief. They may have won their competition with abundant practice, but did we realize one thing? The essence of Gandhi Jayanti was completely lost, and the new kids on the block think of 2nd October merely as a national holiday and nothing else.

Gone are those days when the people felt an amalgamation of remorse and zeal on 2nd October every year. Remorse because they realized a loss of a person who played a major role in the Indian freedom struggle and was termed as the father of the nation; zeal because everyone saw him as a source of inspiration. The question is why has this national festival has lost its importance in the recent days for generation Y? What could be the utmost possibility that the Raj-Ghat that was telecasted so fruitfully on 2nd of October and had a massive TRP on the television seems so lost now? What could be the best explanation of the deteriorating crowd at the Raj- Ghat on 2nd of October?

Let’s have a status check.

The current generation seeks the explanation for every single thing. Persuading a young child of 1st grade towards any particular strut is not everyone’s cup of tea. The reason is they ask why? , who? , what?  etc. that everyone including their parents get pissed as they themselves don’t have the justifiable answers with them. Gone are those days when the children simply memorized what their teachers or parents told them. Now they ask questions and rightly so! Till ten years earlier, we just mugged up that “Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our nation”. Today, the children when taught in their primary class questions about, who made him the father of the nation?  What vital role did he play that he got chosen for this post? Did he fulfill all the responsibilities of being a father to this nation or did he just ride his way to the top thanks to the situation and political backing? Why was a mahatma involved in deciding who should be the Prime Minister of this country, should it not have been based on a vote, at least among the council members?


These questions were beyond the cosmic imagination of the human mind of the youngsters ten years back. But are these new generation folks wrong in their parameters of non constrained mentality, not really. In fact, the freedom of thought that forces them to ask questions is exactly what one needs to grow and form their own opinions and not be a sheep.

What’s wrong in trying to find the reality behind what we’re told now and then? What’s wrong in blaming the prerogative of Mahatma Gandhi wrong if we find that they actually were wrong? What’s wrong in asking the questions about the death of Bhagat Singh while the so-called father of the nation could have saved it, he was at a position of negotiation, what kind of a father would sacrifice one child for another? Gandhi kind?  What if we are taught to him as a father of nation just because the governing body since long wanted the students of the nation to entice with this thought especially when they have been using Gandhi as their surname despite not being related to him in the least?

What if the people now more tremendously recognized that our so-called father of the nation was solely responsible for the division of our nation? What if the smart children of today question the audacity of ‘BAPU’ stating why did he take back the non-cooperation movement which further led to the loss of umpteen lives and gave birth to numerous new problems for the citizens at that point of time? Why was Gandhi so irritated with Subhash Chandra Bose that he promised to hand him over to British, did he have the right, who gave it to him? Were people not allowed to pursue their struggles because Gandhi was in-charge? Why was Gandhi extremely biased towards Nehru (a Satyr and Drunkard) and always stood against Patel even when Patel was obviously the most intelligent man in the room! Does a father of the nation put his personal biases over the wellbeing of the nation and everything else, even logic and reason? What kind of a father does that make him? A shitty one? Maybe the accusations and questions asked by the smarter generation are fruitful and there may not be any clear answer to them.


After all questioning someone’s integrity, that too the father of the nation may infuriate may as they consider him the reason for the independence of our nation and they may find the questions way too frivolous and morally incorrect, but what if there is much more to this Mahatma, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi than what we read in our primary political sciences books. There had been controversies about our beloved nation that did not go viral and now they are, so maybe people realize that he wasn’t just a strut in Indian Khadi. Some revelations state that Gandhi had a whimsical attitude to sleeping habits, good, and sexuality. A report by Telegraph UK also suggests that Jawaharlal Nehru once quoted that “Mahatma’s pronouncements on sex were way too abnormal and actually unnatural”. It’s not that the homosexuality reports have made Gandhi awful in the minds of people, but it’s the illusion of him that we had since a long time and suddenly a new picture has been released that breaks the convention of Gandhi merely being a saint who wore a white loincloth and the nerdy round spectacles. Maybe that’s the reason Bapu has started losing importance because people realized he is hardly a legend and every bit a man filled with ego, jealousy, gluttony, sloth, greed, envy and anger. Maybe…….who am I to judge. I can only ask.

Another thing that hits the minds of people is that the enunciation required by today’s generation should be enticing, persuasive and rhetoric else they lose interest in it. According to a well-known website to most of the youths “Gandhi seems boring. He was merely an old man walking across the nation with a stick and preaching love, non-violence is not cool to the hot-blooded youth. Gandhi just made the ideal nature really pragmatic and pugnacious. There is a question in today’s youth that “Is Mahatma Gandhi really worth of all the attention he gets initiating from the saint he is taught in the schools to be on the currency notes everywhere”. No History book described the real will of Gandhi behind every single step he initiated.


The movies also play a vital role in persuading people these days and movies like Bhagat Singh clearly initiated that “Mahatma Gandhi was solely responsible for the death of Bhagat Singh, a true freedom fighter who actually fought and died for the nation rather than Gandhiji who was busy running his Non Violence that hardly paid off, everytime he had to call off his movements and in the end he himself resorted to Do or die, do what? Show the other cheek? Do here means fight back! So doesn’t that make him a hypocrite? Nathuram Godse’s emotional speech also had a lot of positive views and many people considered him right.

A Safety Valve Theory also alleged him to be a British Agent. His actions sometimes also spoke the same according to some of the redefined books. His failed relation with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is also a prior reason he is not much loved.

Gandhi Jayanti has lost its essence because people now have the ability to see beyond the horizon and ask verification in order to believe anything.

Maybe too much of justification seeking nature of the current generation is the reason why Gandhi Jayanti lost its significance. Or maybe this nature has forced them to see the real face of a legend shoved down their throats for years and generations! Maybe…..just maybe….. Again, who am I to judge. I can only ask questions.

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