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Connaught Place: The Heart of Delhi!

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One of mankind’s greatest guilty pleasures is shopping and eating! When in Delhi, look no further than the iconic Connaught Place. A central landmark in the nation’s capital, Connaught Place will provide you with everything under the sun. From posh boutiques for high-end clothing in the inner circle to Janpath, where your bargaining skills are put to the test, Connaught Place has it all. From high-end bars to age-old eateries, the place has something to delight everyone. Check out this list of the spots which makes Connaught Place a must visit when you’re in the capital.

1. Wenger’s Bakery

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Craving for a delicious slice of cake or a piece of a sumptuous bakery? Head over to Wenger’s Bakery, one of the oldest and iconic bakeries of the city. Originally owned by a Swiss couple, Wenger’s is credited to have brought Swiss chocolates to India for catering to the colonial society’s elite. Today, be greeted by the ever smiling bakers working at the shop as they busily wrap up delicate slices of cake and chocolates in classic Wenger’s paper boxes and hand them over to gleeful customers. From youngsters to those who are young at heart, you will find every age group eagerly gazing at a range of irresistible guilty pleasures ready for diving into!

2. Ram Chander & Sons

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We can all fondly recollect our childhood as we would pass by the toy store and nag our parents to buy us that one piece we have been eyeing for weeks! Relive those memories in the country’s oldest toy shop. Ram Chander & Sons was set around 1890’s and is alive till date. The minute you step inside, it isn’t difficult to sense the timelessness of the place. Remember that age is just a number and get on with picking up your favorite toys for yourself and family!

3. United Coffee House

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In need of a dose of caffeine? Step inside the picturesque world of United Coffee House and get prepared for the barista’s favorite cup of coffee. One of Connaught Place’s legends, the United Coffee House has served as the hub for politicians, delegates, and bureaucrats since pre Independence. Inside, you will be greeted by a dollhouse like decor with gorgeous chandeliers hanging high above. With hues of sky blue and cream, as you are seated in leather couches and wooden furnishings, the United Coffee House is bound to take you back to a different age altogether. Relish upon their continental cuisines and allow some pampering to your palette a little!


4. Janpath

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Do you take pride in being a master bargainer? Time to put your skills to the test at the popular marketplace of Janpath! Everywhere you look, you can find shops selling clothes at dirt cheap rates and stalls selling different kinds of curios! It is basically a shopper’s paradise. The collection is extensive, and if you put in the right effort, you most probably will find exactly what you were looking for. So go ahead and bargain to your heart’s content and you will find yourself coming back home with amazing clothes at unbelievable rates!


5. Madame Tussaud’s

Curiouskeeda - CP - Madam Tussads
Envying your friends who just took a trip to London and posted pictures from Madame Tussaud’s? Now you don’t need to travel that far to look at the stellar wax statues. Welcome to India’s first Madame Tussaud’s right here at Connaught Place! Yes, you read that right. You can get your Madame Tussaud’s experience right here in New Delhi at Connaught Place. Created where the iconic Regal Theater once stood, the all new Madame Tussaud’s promises to bring renewed glamour to Connaught Place. Walk in to enjoy life like wax statues of well-known figures. For a moment, you will certainly feel as if they are actually standing in front of you! From Shahrukh Khan to Narendra Modi, along with several international stars, Madame Tussaud’s houses it all! This is definitely a must visit when you’re around Connaught Place.


Bonus point 
Venture underground to discover the mysteries of Palika Bazaar which is yet another heaven for hardcore shoppers!
To be honest, we can simply go on and on. The list is endless when it comes to the ever-evolving Connaught Place. Come to Delhi and explore this amazing part of the city. Discover wonders and create timeless memories which will make you want to come back all over again!
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