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Bored Of ‘Netflix And Chill’? Do These Free Courses Online And Pull Out That Sloth From Within

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The COVID-19 has not brought a full stop in our lives. Instead, it is handing over some extra time to us that can be utilized efficiently. While some of you are working from home, undoubtedly, but, the daily commute time and those long social sessions right after work with your colleagues/friends are now cutaways. 

Scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and Instagram feeds or searching for some wonderful series on Netflix, is getting you wasted. Why don’t you take this opportunity to do something that you always wanted to do? Yeah! Traveling is still on our wishlists. It will always be. Keeping traveling aside for a while, let’s think about those indoor activities & learnings that will help us in being better versions of ourselves. Many companies are providing online courses for free. The lockdown will end on May 3 and you have ample time to unbridle that awesomeness in you and discover something new. 

  1. Learn the art of photography by famous photographers:

Nikon, the famous camera company, is providing a photography course free of cost for the entire month of April. The course curriculum is structured and developed by famous photographers. Now don’t be a spoiled-brat and say; where would I get to click amazing landscapes, we can’t go out; we have to stay at home and all other stuff.

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Lockdown is purifying everything around us and nature is one of them. Just go to your terrace or balcony and capture the cleansed nature in your cameras. 

Don’t have a camera? Don’t be disappointed. Here are some other free activities that can be done on your mobile phones, desktops or laptops.

  1. Free 2-months’ subscription: Skill Share

You name the subject! SkillShare has it!

Skill share course
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With its amazing online courses in a wide range of subjects such as Business, Finance, Digital Marketing, Art, etc., SkillShare has extended its free subscription from one month to two months. This initiative has been taken just to encourage people to #StayHome. The courses do not only give in-depth knowledge, but they are also taught by the fields’ experts. 

Which other subject excites you? Find it, search a course on the same domain on SkillShare, and do it in your free time instead of watching some irrelevant content online!

  1. Missing Gym? Download Nike’s app 

The athletic giant, Nike, has freed its Nike Training Club App from all sorts of costs. Previously, the app had an emolument of $14.99 for premium work-out plans. Now, even the premium is freemium.

Miss the gym course
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Does not matter if you have exercise equipment or not! This app allows you to choose from different kinds of workout plans that are with and without equipment. If you have never used this app before, no time can be better than the quarantine-time. Plan your goals and start working out as it is highly essential these days.  

  1. Enter the world of games and animation for free

Unity Learn Premium has opened its doors to game development and stunning animation. Unity Learn Premium is a great platform to master 2D, 3D, VR, and AR development skills.

Unity course
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In fact, you can make your own videos that you always admired to create for your Instagram accounts. If you have been a game lover, you can develop a game of your own. So, don’t be stuck, learn animation from the course offered by Unity and develop your kinda game during this lockdown. 

  1. Learn to fight with depression at your homes

The lockdown has invited mental health problems to many of your lives. As per the report by Forbes, coronavirus is taking a toll on mental health. And, women are facing this problem more than men. Therefore, the science of happiness becomes very important.

Source: www.health.harvard.edu

Many prestigious institutes such as Yale, Harvard, Cambridge are providing free classes on how to boost your mental health while being quarantined at home. 

Let’s learn something new and keep running our minds. From skill up-gradation to enhance your mental happiness, you can do anything while being at your homes. All thanks to these big companies and prominent universities. #StayHomeStaySafe #KeepLearning

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