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Bodysuit, The New Favorite in Our Wardrobe!

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Do you ever feel like trying a bodysuit but feel shy?
There is a new craze for bodysuits these days, what better time than this to guide you all about it!

When bodysuits made their recent come-back from the 80s and celebrities started wearing them left and right, one could only think of ballet leotards or may beone-piece swimsuits, but as a fashion piece to wear in everyday life? We all needed some convincing.

We all consider bodysuits to be extremely uncomfortable and tight, but the truth is, they are actually amazingly comfortable, universally flattering, and looks like a nicer and crisper tee (no more time spent awkwardly standing in front of the mirror, trying to figure out how to tuck in a t-shirt). The best part is that they can be worn by any body type in any season. They now are even considered a classic in one’s wardrobe. It is just as timeless as little black dress (LBD) and red lipstick. They may be classic, but they’re basic also.

For all of you who don’t know what is a bodysuit? It is a skin-tight garment which is stretchable and has buttons which you fasten at your crotch (Don’t worry, that is not as uncomfortable as it sounds.) They are super comfy and fun to wear.

They come is various designs and styles. The bodysuits actually have a world of their own, and once you buy it, you’ll exactly know what we are discussing here. They actually look exactly like a swimsuit but it is not a swimsuit.

One can pair this amazing garment with lot many things. Once you have it and have tried it you will surely go by the motto, ‘When in doubt, wear a bodysuit’. Pair it up with jeans, shorts, kimono anything you want, there are infinite possibilities to style it.

Planning to but one soon?? Thinking how to style it? Try out these styling ideas once you have your new favorite with you.

1. Traditionally

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You can wear bodysuits with traditional skirts or palazzos. Accessorize it with some ethnic bangles, indo-western earrings- jhumkas maybe, carry a big boho bag, style your hair in a braid and wear a statement ring. Voila!! You are good to attend a family function! As bodysuits are skin tight, wearing them with something flowy gives you a great look and feel. It also gives you an edge over your outfit!

2. Pants

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We all want to experiment with our formal wears but don’t know what to do as we think that the options are too less and limited. But all you pretty ladies out there, keep in mind fashion and styling comes with no limits. Say Bye Bye to your shirts and say Hello Hi to bodysuit!! Not saying wear a bodysuit all by itself to work, all I am saying is try pairing it with the formal pants you have.  Bodysuits with pants can be the best work outfit. Shocking no?? But it actually looks sleek and stylish. Pair your basic subtle colored bodysuit with narrow fit or high wasted pants, add brogues or flat ballerina to compliment the look. Try keeping make-up and accessories minimalist. A clean hairstyle with this look will surely be a cherry on the top. If up for a meeting, try avoiding printed bodysuits.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

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We all know how crazy girls are for boyfriend jeans these days. We all own a pair of boyfriend jeans for sure but the most common problem that we all face is to style them as they are oversized. Try styling them with a bodysuit, accompanied by sneakers and a ponytail. The slim and sexy fitted bodysuit top fits amazingly with the juxtapose of boyfriend jeans. The combo looks and feels relaxed and put together.

4. Shorts

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Ahh!! An ultimate summer essential! A bodysuit can be paired with shorts too. It is undoubtedly an ultimate style statement. Usually we all pair our shorts with a camisole but it fails to provide that desired shape to our body. Try pairing your bodysuit with any short you own, high wasted or rugged. This will give your outfit an edge. This lethal combo is a fun day out outfit. You can carry this fun outfit when out with friends on a movie date.

5. Skirts

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What according to you is match made in heaven? Not Virushka!! It is ‘Bodysuit with a Skirt’. This combo looks very feminine and decent. Try pairing your pencil skirt with a subtle bodysuit for a formal gathering. If planning to rock the world, try pairing this fitted beauty with a short skirt, funky accessories, smoky make-up and boots. Take a sling or a back-pack and you are all ready to rock it all!

A quick head’s up, get the bodysuit in the right size. If it’s too tight, you’ll surely won’t be able to breathe and if it’s too loose for you, the entire look is just ruined! Bodysuit looks good on all shape and sizes, don’t worry and let us know the look you tried in the comments bellow.

Cheers! Happy Styling!



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