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Are You Sure You Are Safely Sanitizing These Areas of Your House During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Sanitizing Home
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The world is on a roll! Everything worse that could have happened is happening is 2020 and we all have this one constant question in the head, What Next? 

The number of COVID-19 positive cases in India are just increasing with each passing day! The mark has already crossed the 1.8 lakh line and there is just no stop to it! There is no medication or vaccine yet made so the only possible alternative that helps us stay safe and away from catching this deadly virus is staying indoors! While we are indoors, and in general during these unforeseen infectious times, it is very important for us all to maintain personal hygiene as well as hygiene at home to minimize our chances of getting sick. 

Transmission of novel COVID- 19 occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through objects. Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 may remain active for hours to days on different types of surfaces. Therefore, cleaning visibly dirty areas followed by disinfection is the best measure for the prevention of COVID-19 in day to day practice. 

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

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Cleaning is the procedure of evacuation of germs, dirt, and impurities from an assortment of surfaces. It doesn’t slaughter all germs, however by expelling them, it brings down their numbers and the danger of spreading contamination. Disinfection is the way toward utilizing synthetic compounds (disinfectants) to eliminate germs present on various surfaces. Whenever done effectively, it can kill harmful microorganisms. Dettol, Lizol, dye, scouring liquor, sodium hypochlorite, and so on are the different sorts of disinfectants that are effectively accessible.

To help you stay safe, we have compiled a list of areas/items in your houses which need disinfecting daily:

1. High touch areas such as door handles and doorknobs

Cleaning Door Handles - COVID-19
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This is presumably the most contacted surface in the house. Directly from the front entryway of your home to the handles on room doors or cupboard doors, it is crucial to make it a propensity to sanitize and wipe all the entryway handles in the house. Remember to clean and sanitize the fridge handles, table surfaces, metal/plastic/elastic child toys, seats and work area surfaces also.

Mobile phones

Sanitizing Mobile Phones
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Think about your cell phone as your third hand. We all tend to check our mobiles at least 20-30 times each day, helping germs effectively move from your hands to your cell phone. Phones should preferably be cleaned with disinfecting wipes gently on exterior parts of phones in switched off mode.  Avoid the use of bleach or entry of moisture through any openings. Numerous mobile companies have given suggestions on cleaning of mobile during this COVID-19 pandemic. 


Cleaning Specs - COVID-19
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While you probably won’t be touching your face normally, you despite everything touch your specs regularly. Wipe your specs frame with a sterilizing wipe or a material hosed with disinfectant liquid. You can likewise utilize a sanitizer and a clean, lint-free towel to wipe your lenses to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cleaning Laptops - COVID-19
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Cleaning our laptops is more important than ever now that we are working from home. Use a disinfectant wipe or a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe on the top and sides of each key, preferably in a switched off mode. Also, clean the surface and bottom of the keyboard thoroughly. Entry of moisture or any disinfectant liquid through any openings must be avoided.

Remote Controls

Cleaning Remote Controls - COVID-19
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We all find ourselves spending a lot of time on watching TV during this lockdown. This implies your remotes need a decent cleaning since it is being used by everybody at home. Make sure to clean and sanitize your remote delicately with disinfectant wipe or a material absorbed disinfectant fluid. Needless to say, that entry of moisture and disinfectant liquid inside the remote control must be avoided during cleaning.


Cleaning - COVID-19
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Each packed of grocery should be cleaned with lathery water or sanitizer (food bundles, food sacks, and so on.) While buying staple goods, ensure that you use fabric packs. Wash and sterilize them after each buy.

Clean your fruits and vegetables under running water. You may soak them in a solution of salt or baking soda with water for some time. Rinse the items with clean water, dry and store normally. 

Purses/ Wallets, Keys and Currency

Cleaning Phones - COVID-19
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If you are visiting the vegetable or grocery store, it implies that you are taking your handbag/wallet out. Add your wallet to the rundown of things you have to clean subsequent to visiting a store. Utilize a modest quantity of hand sanitizer applied to the outside of the handbag with a tissue or a perfect material. You can purify keys (without remote controls) and coins by absorbing them a cleanser arrangement or dishwashing fluid for a short measure of time. After this, wash them with clean water and leave in the sun to dry. Beyond what many would consider possible, attempt and utilize advanced or card installments rather than money. In the wake of taking care of/contacting a card or money for exchange/installment, in every case clean your hands with liquor based hand sanitizer.


Cleaning switches - COVID-19
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Have you stopped to think about the number of times you switch on and off the lights and fans at home? Switches and doorbells can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes once every couple of days.

It has become more important than ever to make sure that our houses stay virus-free and clean. Make sure you wash your hands regularly to minimize the spread of germs inside your house. Stay safe!

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