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Let Us All Break The Silence Together: 7 Period Myths Busted:

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Period myths… we’ve all heard them. Periods may appear to be simple and easy to you currently, however, remember when you were a young and they all appeared to be so strange? Period myths should be broken! 

It is surely possible to have an absolutely easy, pain-less, intuition-enriching and pleasant period. Each. Single. Month. However, many people are too humiliated about the point to discuss it, which pretty much rules out our education. Before we can begin to make another discussion around the topic of periods, we first need to uncover the soil and notice how the social stigma has played a part in how we feel about this natural bodily process. For way too long, girls have felt like they needed to get some information from murmurs in the locker rooms. All things considered, worry no more! It’s time we got this out in the open, where it has a place. 

Here are the 7 Biggest Menstruation Myths that have been attempting to turn you against your body for quite a long time…

Bed Rest menstruation facts
washing hair menstruation facts
food Period Myths
Period Period Myths
Pregnant Period Myths
tampon Period Myths
hot water Period Myths

The bottom line is period taboos are not only crazy and ridiculous but they are a huge obstacle holding women back in many ways. It’s hard to believe these myths still exist all over the world today. But they do, and they need to be busted.

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