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5 Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special During The Lockdown

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Today is Mothers’ Day, a day that is dedicated to all beautiful mothers. Today is an opportunity when you can show your love & respect to your mother and let her know how much she means to you. It is a celebration of her selfless love & care that is irreplaceable. While Mothers’ Day is something that should be celebrated every day, but we get so indulged in our busy lives that sometimes we take her for granted or ignore her at our own convenience. So, why not make her feel special & blessed today. Since most of you are at home and have been quarantined to get yourself protected from the novel virus, you can create this Mothers’ Day an unforgettable one for her. 

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers

The lockdown chronicles will remain with us forever, let’s add one more amazing reminiscence and add some cheer to our mothers’ special day as she gave up her own life to make your lives better. And, as they say, actions speak louder than words, so, try out these (below) 5 amazing actions to salute all those efforts & sacrifices (big and small ones) that she has done ONLY for you!

1. Cook something for her

All-day and night, she makes sure that you don’t fall asleep without eating. Every single day she makes an effort to put some magic even in some weirdest vegetables (Bottle Gourd (Lauki), Round Gourd (Tinde), Bitter Gourd (Karela)). It’s your time today to put on your chef wings and cook or bake her favorite things. 

Scoop out some amazing recipes online and top it up with your sheer love and respect. 

2. Do household chores

Mothers often end up doing all household chores and never ask for help. From mopping the floors to cleaning the utensils, you can surprise your mother by being her helping hand and sharing her load. Team up with your siblings and divide the workload among yourselves. If you are the only kid at your home, then have frequent breaks while doing domestic chores. 

Lets not make her feel tired today at least. She deserves it! 

3. Draw or write something

If you like drawing or creating stuff, then today is the best day to create something for your mother. Take out those pencils & colors and express your love through art. You can create her portrait or your family portrait or even a well-designed message would suffice. Mothers’ Day is a day to celebrate your mothers’ existence and doing it through art would make her feel extra-special after all who do not like portraits!!

If you are not good in art, you can still try your hands on it and let’s see how it comes out. 

4. Give her a good chumpy

Yes! You read it correctly! 

According to numerous research, it’s a mother who has to go through serious headaches every day as she manages her work as well as her family. Giving her a good chumpy will help her get re-energized and she will loosen up all those tired hormones that she has been sustaining for a really long time now. 

5. Talk to her. Know her dreams and most importantly HUG HER! (XoXo)

We often forget that our mothers sacrificed the most for us. We hardly talk to her about her dreams that she still keeps. In the rat-race of being supreme, we ignore the supremest creature around us, i.e, MOTHER. So, if you are staying at home with her during the nationwide lockdown, great, go, give her a tight hug, and say Happy Mothers’ Day Maa, I Love You, You Are Special To Me.

Or if you are staying away then pick up your phone, call her and give her virtual hugs & kisses (XoXo).

It’s not about the gifts or money that you give your mother. It’s all these little efforts that make a difference. So, don’t wait further. Before Mothers’ Day ends, do at least one of these 5 things and see that majestic happiness on her face. 

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the beautiful mothers! 

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