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5 Useful Ways For You To Spend This Weekend

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After working all week, most of us cannot bring ourselves to get up from bed once it’s Saturday. Although we know that we have a whole lot of chores lined up, nothing seems to be good enough a reason to abandon the bed. This is normal because we are a generation of overworked and sleep-loving people who crave to just relax and do nothing once we have some free time.

But have you ever noticed how you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied by the time Monday comes again? That should not be the case ideally because you just spent two days of holiday. Why is that then?

Lack of productivity can never make you feel good about yourself. After you get a certain amount of rest and are relaxed, you can direct the energy into doing something good for yourself. While the lazing around might seem great at that point in time, you will feel differently once you get moving. And if you think that there is not much for you to do, you are deceiving yourself.

If you want the coming weekend to be a little bit different then try the following to keep yourself busy.

Read a few books:
Most of us are guilty of buying books and filling our shelves, but never getting around to reading them. Ditch Netflix and start turning the pages of the last book you bought. You will be surprised at how fast you fall in love with the smell of paper and the magic of words.  Not only will you have a great time, but you will also not have to give up the comfort of your sofa.

Get Creative:
Amidst all the paperwork and daily meetings, we tend to give up on the hobbies that used to keep us occupied for hours before. If you like to get creative once in a while, then the weekend is the best time. Whether you love to create beautiful poetry or intricate melodies, working on your passion will definitely give you a high. If you are into performing arts, then spend some time practising so that you do not lose touch completely.

You can miss gym throughout the week on the pretext of being busy at work, but you should definitely hit it in the weekend. A weekly high-intensity workout will make sure that you remain active. If you are not enrolled in a gym, you can simply do free hand exercises at home twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. If you are into a sport, then play on! Being fit is key to being a better performer in all other fields of your life.

Get some fresh air:
Do not underestimate the healing powers of nature and fresh air. Take a walk in the park or go for a short trip; the specifics do not matter as long as you can bask in the Sun and let all your worries float away. You will find that the outdoors are a really welcome change after being cooped up in an office cubicle all week long.

Pick up a new skill:
Indulge your learning capacity and give it the challenge it deserves by trying to pick up a new skill. You can learn a new instrument or take foreign exchange classes or anything else that you wish as long as it helps to improve your skill set. Constant development will keep your mind from getting stagnant.

No. Clubbing is not the same as socialising if that is what you are thinking. Meet up with some old friends or visit your family to make sure that the connections always remain strong. You can simply relax and chill out while having a good time.

Are you ready to make your weekends better?

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