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5 Things That You Can’t Deny If You Have A Good Bong Roommate

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When you are staying away from home and living a hostel life, it’s your roommate who makes it even more special and worth remembering. But, when you have a Bong as your roommate, the journey becomes even more ravishing. From being loud to having intelligent thoughts, they are known for their multi-talented personalities. 

Although not all bong roommates are best roommates and many times it’s more about compatibility rather than being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But, if you can relate to the points (mentioned below) – then, BANG ON! You have good relationships with your Bong roommate. 

1. S/he takes you to ‘Durgo Pujo’

A Bengali roommate makes you experience Durgo Pujo even if you are a non-Bengali. From Pandal hopping to savoring Bengal-styled food, you will get to see all colors of Bengali culture. 

2. Have started using Boroline? That’s probably because of your roommate. 

Aah! Bong’s wardrobe is incomplete without Boroline. They take it everywhere they go! 

If you have also started applying Boroline to your chapped lips or ankles, then it’s a Bong-Roommate’s effect. 

3. Hidden stories of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose

Bongs are truly proud of these two eminent personalities. The whole country is. We have been reading a lot about them since our childhood. Whenever you and your bong roommate discuss their contribution, you get to hear some hidden true stories. (And about Rabindranath Tagore too)!

4. You know singing? You know dancing also? And, you were the topper? 

Yes! Bongs are multi-talented. You name it and they might know how to do it. 

From music to art, from dancing to swimming, there are many things to learn from your bong roommate. 

Last, but not the least…..

5. Bengali Food

Aloo Dum Lucchi, Sondesh, Rasugulla! Bengalis are popular for their culinary. 

You’ll end up being a lover of Bengali food after sharing a room with a bong chum. 

If you have experienced something else, let us know in the comment section below. 

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