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5 Relationship Rules One Should Forget

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Spare a few minutes and take a trip down the memory lane when you were in high school and just started dating. Remember your parents/bff had a considerably long list of rules that you had to keep in mind? (“Try not to call first! Don’t kiss on the first date!”) To be honest only romantic comedies acknowledged these guidelines. It showed us that we must always be the cool. If we can’t play it cool, then we must always be like Kate Hudson kind of young lady who played it chill and didn’t come needy or insane (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anybody?). She did not even sit tight for the fable to happen that includes a Prince Charming sort of a guy who makes all the first lovely moves.

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To be honest we are all programmed to function in a certain way when it comes to dating. We think that dating is all about following a manual which has a set of rules to follow that will help us trick a romantic interest. Don’t you all think it is 2018 and we all should just stop trying to think in a certain way by following a manual that will help us trick the romantic interest? Do you really think we should follow rules instead of our heart? Don’t you think dating should be just about finding what we actually want? Forget whatever rule you were following earlier and just try to figure out what works the best for you in which you two feel comfortable and loved.

If you are still confused, read on to find out five rules that you should definitely forget when it is about love:

1. Men should pay


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This rule might not be good for our bank account but honestly speaking it is just amazing for your relationship. Back in time paying bills was associated with power. Men usually paid just because of one reason i.e. women did not work back then and therefore, men had the financial control in the relationship. But that time is gone, now, most of the pretty ladies out there are working and are powerful who deserve partners that are equal to them. So why to still expect man to pay the bill if you both equally wear the pants? Make it work equally, if he takes care of the margaritas (cocktail), you get the Margherita pizza. What say?

2. Never kiss on the first date


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Stop posing that physical chemistry is not important in a relationship in the very beginning. We all know that first date is all about getting to know someone to analyze if they’re worth enough for a second date but we will all agree that physical connection is important too. We all have different levels of comfort and rules shouldn’t dominate on our varying comfort levels when it comes to physical connection. If you find the guy/girl cute ask them and give him/her a peck.

3. Never introduce them to friends and family until it’s serious


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It’s absolutely fine if you do not want to mix your love interests with your friends and family but if you do want to invite your love for some drinks with your friends, do not panic! It is 2018 and we all should be open about what we expect out of a relationship.So, introducing them to your family and friends should not be confusing to them. Friends and families do play a big part in our lives, so if you don’t want to separate them from your possible romantic partner, then don’t!

4. Men and women can never be JUST friends


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We all know the classic rule that When Harry Met Sally took a whole hour to explore, just to end on BFFs, Harry and Sally were falling in love at the end. We all wanted them to get together since the famous diner scene, but that doesn’t mean that men and women, outside of rom coms, cannot just be friends. Here comes the role on gender equality and gender equality means seeing the opposite gender as a whole person and more than just what they can do for you. This means one should be able to have fun with the other, enjoy their company, talk, and appreciate them, without anything sexual or romantic spurring between the two.

Best relationships often start out as friendships, but if the spark isn’t there but you still enjoy their company, don’t wave them off as a failed relationship. What if it might just be one of the best friendships of your life! And also it is time that we stop being threatened by our romantic partners for having friends that are our opposite gender. If you don’t trust them, maybe don’t date them.

5. The “Three Date Rule”


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Let’s be real and wash off all the rules that imply with- what you want to do with your body and when you want to do it. Whatever you do or don’t do on a first, second, or third date should not dictate whether or not you’re “wife material,” and if it does, then you should not be dating that person anyways. If the chemistry is there, make your own rules.

Be true to your feelings. Don’t let the right one go just because he/she is not following rules. When you find the person who actually cares about you and who you know is going to make you happy but is not following the rule book, don’t let them go please.

So, which rules you are going to kickoff first?

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