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5 Crop Top Guidelines That Every Girl Should Follow

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A tried and tested trend of the 80’s has surely made a very strong comeback and has found its way in every girls’ wardrobe. The Crop Top! It surely is a new age wardrobe essential for all the girlies out there.

This comeback cloth, the crop top, is very versatile and can be styled in numerous manners. Crop tops have recently been both used and misused by regular individuals and celebrities. Everyone is crazy for crops and are so into it. When crop tops made a recent come back, we all wondered as to how versatile would they be. We all have this question in mind about crop tops. “Is it too revealing?” And by the end of a monologue we are all left confused and shy, but overtime crop tops evolved in major ways. Whether you like it or not, trust me, you’re going to make a big statement when you walk out in a crop top.


Crop tops actually are a chic fashion staple; they can be tricky to style somewhat. Call it being old-fashioned, but we don’t think it’s necessary to take fashion risk every time you step out. Keep in mind that there are no rules to fashion, just some guidelines to follow!

So, here’s a list, some down the ground rules, everyone can follow when styling a crop top.

1. The No Navel Rule


Do not wear low waist pants or jeans with your crop top. When wearing a crop top, try pairing it with some loose pants or culottes that are high wasted and flowy. Ideally the perfect gap between your crop top and your waistband is about 2-3inches. This gap should be over the navel. Showing off your navel piercing (if you have one) does not always look hot.

2. The No Sky-High Heels Rule

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A little goes a long way when you are showing your midriff. So, try avoiding heels when carrying your crop top. Heels with crops look a bit toooo much. Wedges, platform, mules and even sneakers can work well and look great. And still if planning to wear those sky-high heels, keep your make-up and jewelry minimal. Keep everything subtle and classy. Who does not want to look classy after all?

3. The Don’t Be Trashy Rule

Don’t go with short on short combo. Skirts or shorts with a crop top should never be too tiny. We all love wearing mini or even micro-mini shorts and skirts, but when pairing it with a crop top try keeping them a bit long. A long flowy or even an A-line skirt would work wonders when paired with a crop top. It’s not at all classy when you are revealing your skin everywhere. So avoid excess skin show.

4. The No Tights Rule

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Crop tops works amazingly well when paired with pants. As far as possible try avoiding the crop top-tight combination. A crop top is a well-fitted and body-hugging garment. So fitted top with tight pant won’t look right. More than often we can’t even find tights (leggings or jeggings) that fit right. A bad fit is very obvious when you are pairing it with a crop top as it shows all the flaws.

5. The Well-Fitted Rule

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Try pairing your crops with a well-fitted pair of bottom. Bottoms can be anything, a palazzo, a straight pant or even a skirt, but keep in mind it has to be of your size. If your pants or skirts are tight at the waist, remember that it is going to make your love handles very evident and something that is too loose will show excess fabric hanging at the back. None of this is appealing in a crop top. So, opt for a well-fitted bottoms instead and steal the limelight wherever you go.

Fashion is actually all about wearing the right clothes for the right occasions at the right time. And this is just a personal take on crop top etiquette. I don’t think it’s appropriate for the love of fashion to wear a crop top that’s cut low enough that is showing too much midriff and long enough to not to be in the family of crops. While there are never any super concrete rules for crop top wearing but be sure to keep these rules in mind.

Live, laugh, Love fashion!

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