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5 cool things to do after your semester is over…

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After slogging for almost a month, it’s easy to get into the lazy mode. Semester is going to over and most of us do not know how to utilize the coming break. Relax!! We won’t tell you to go for internships, part time jobs 
and blah blah! (Of-course, these are the noteworthy options available though) 
But, we have got something else! To put it another way, we have made an effort to justify the tagline! Read on to discover.

The phase that you have gone through or are going through plays a very crucial role in your career path.  But, don’t spend much time in contemplating about your results. Invest that time in making your lives better instead!

Life is a mixture of dark and vibrant colors. Having said that, we all need to paint our lives. We all need amusement. We all need excitement. We all need breaks from our tight schedules. Another key thing to remember is “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”.  And, to reside in the present moment, there are plenty of things that you must do during your break!

We bring 5 enthusiastic things before you that you can wallow in:

1. Get your social wings on!

Joining an NGO is a good deal. The amount of satisfaction that we derive from helping underprivileged children or old people or orphans, has no boundaries. I remember my experience of teaching underprivileged kids, apart from helping my resume, it really helped me as a person. 

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There are many NGOs in your area that you can join! If you actively participate in the work, it will help you in making a positive contribution towards the growth and development of the society.

2. It’s House-Party Time!

There is no best time to invite your friends to your home for a house party right after your exams. A house party really refreshes you undoubtedly. A good house party is a combination of food, music and friends. Luscious food rejuvenate our moods. The music helps you discharge your negative thoughts and the jollification with your friends helps you in relishing that moment.

Here’s how you can organize the house party:

  1. Make a list of meals that you adore the most.
  2. Divide the meals among your friends and ask them to bring one.
  3. Decide a few games to be played during the house party.
  4. Make a list of the songs that increases your adrenaline.
  5. Release yourself into the ambience.

Enjoy the best party of all times!

3. Parents are saying no for the tour?

When I was in graduation, my parents never allowed me to go on a tour with friends! I know the feeling! I am sure this is a problem with many of you! There are various places in Delhi and near Delhi which you can scout with your companions. Trust me! It would take at least a month to explore the whole unseen Delhi. The list is never ending however we have selected a few happening places for you.

Here’s the list of the places that may want to visit with your friends:

 S.No. Particualrs Where How to reach
1. Satpula Bridge Malviya Nagar Reach Malviya Nagar Metro Station (Yellow Line) and then take an auto or cab to reach here.
2. Mirza Galib ki Haweli Shahjahanabad, Ballimaran Reach Chawri Bazar Metro Station (Yellow Line) and then take an auto or cab to reach here.
3. Santushi Shopping Complex Chanakyapuri Reach Jor Bagh/Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station (Yellow Line) and then take an auto. You can also walk.
4. Bhardwaj Lake Asola Asola Reach Badarpur Metro Station (Yellow Line) and then take an auto. You can also walk.
5. Jahaz Mahal Mehrauli Reach Qutub Minar Metro Station (Yellow Line) and then take an auto. You can also walk.

4. Hollywood Movies and Series

“Good cinema moves us, enlightens us and leaves us with a rush of emotions”. Watching movies and series is a peerless way to improve conversational English. These movies not only teach you a new vocabulary, it also helps you with the pronunciation. You should select the movies of your genre. Start with the easier films and then progress to more advanced ones.

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The television of today’s times is doing better than many of the movies. With the introduction of media houses like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, we get  the heebies-jeebies with many of their projects. The first month of both the media platform is free. It’s high time to avail this offer buddies!

5. Go on with your pastime!

All of us are blessed with a hobby. Some of us admire dance, some of us admire music and so on. Hobbies not only raises the confidence in your personality but, it also aides you in reducing your physical stress. Taking up some lessons on it will help you in growing, in developing the skills.

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“I don’t have a hobby”! If you are being of this opinion. Take this survey, to discover your own sort of hobby. Follow the link below:

How are you going to enjoy your semester break? Are we of the same opinion or do you have something else in mind?
Do let us know in the comment section below.

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