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5 Challenges That Broke The Internet During Nationwide Lockdown

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It’s been over two months since the lockdown started in several corners of the world. With nationwide lockdown becoming a requirement to get people protected from the novel virus, it also came up with a lot of boredom. 

But as they say, with great desperate times come desperate measures, people across the world came up with wonderful challenges to keep themselves entertained during the nationwide lockdown period.

Let’s take a look at the 5 major challenges that broke the internet. 

1. Gesture Challenge

From Nick Jonas to Alia Bhatt, almost every celebrity participated in this challenge on their social media handles. This challenge is available on Tik Tok. If you have decided to go against all Chinese products, there is one good news for you – this challenge is available on Instagram as well. To complete the challenges, the person has to imitate the set of emoticons’ gestures to the fast-paced music. 

2. Blanket Challenge

While many of us were just lying comfortably on our couches in pyjamas, this challenge inspired all kinds of people. Be it fashion enthusiasts or  non-fashion chaps. The concept behind this challenge was to use blankets available at homes and make out a beautiful outfit for yourself. Some people also did some experiments with their pillows and did a ramp walk in their own-house fashion shows. 

3. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

There was one time in April when social media was flooded with only Dalgona updates. This challenge was embraced by coffee lovers as well as chai/tea lovers. It takes a lot of efforts to keep whipping the coffee until it turns into some smooth & creamy batter. This challenge did not only give rise to many memes when people started comparing Dalgona Coffee with normal beat coffee. 

But, if you want to drink Dalgona coffee in this scorching heat, then you need only 3 ingredients – Coffee, Sugar, and Warm Water. The beating process that is going to take some time. Many coffee brands had a great time as they could promote their products on social media even during the lockdown. 

4. Kudi Nu Nachne De Challenge 

When many BFFs could not meet and give hugs to each other, it was this song that reunited them on social media. This song inspired them to chill a little and encouraged them to smile even in the toughest times. Some girls did some makeup and exchanged their brushes and some girls did some amazing moves on this song. 

5. Guess the Gibberish Challenge

This challenge also received a lot of popularity these days. The Gibberish Challenge is an AR effect filter that shows a random statement written in a box with a timer beneath it. People are expected to guess the correct statement or phrase before the time runs out. Once the time is over, the screen itself exhibits the correct phrase. 

Did you take any challenges in the lockdown? If not, these are the best ways to remove all kinds of boredom.

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