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4 Fashion Hacks That Every Curvy Girl Should Try

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‘I don’t have the perfect figure’! ‘I am gaining weight day by day’. Do you also end up thinking this way before going out? `, BIG DEAL ! There are plenty of ways to look gorgeous and make your curves work for you. Being curvy should never fade away the intense love for fashion that you have. In fact, it should push all ‘you curvy girls’ out there to try a lot more outfit choices.

We all tend to follow all those stereotypical styling tips and hacks pasted all over the fashion blogs and vlogs. Not to say that those hacks and rules don’t work, they just sometimes don’t work on all the body types and a lot of you have had the same concern. It’s no secret that plus size women pay a pretty penny for their clothing and they want to style themselves with their maximum potential.

Your greatest hack is what you bring to the look, Love your look, no matter what your style is. Love yourself and follow these 5 tried and tested fashion hacks to embrace those curves to the maximum.

1. Can’t Button Up the Jeans?

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There are days when your favorite pair of jeans just doesn’t agree to button-up. Those are the days when you feel you’ve gained some extra kilos and need to go on a strict diet! But this is not the case, this button-up problem usually happens when you wash your jeans, or you’ve just stepped out from the shower. To solve this button mystery and to make this process easy, you just have tochill and let gravity run its course. Lay flat on a couch and now try buttoning up. You will notice that you will be able to do it with ease. This happens because when you lay down your stomach tend to flatten out making this crazy task of buttoning up easy.

2. Check Your Posture Right Now. Is It Slouchy?

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This might sound a bit redundant, but a slouchy posture adds 1-2 extra inches especially near your belly area making it appear wider. Don’t agree to this? Try it yourself. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and slouch your shoulders once you have done that stand straight with your shoulders back, you will instantly see a difference. Slouchy shoulders make you look bulky. So, consciously try to maintain your posture. Thinking it is tough to remind oneself to maintain the posture? It is not! Honestly, you will get used to it sooner than you think.

3. Zip Slipping Away?

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Nothing would be more nerve-wrecking than walking around with your fly on the loose. To make sure this never happens to you and you never get to face any embarrassing situations, take a safety-pin and pass it through your zip clasp now pin it to your jeans and button up. Job done easy! Also, there are no reasons to put your favorite fitted outfits away. You must embrace your curves, still if you are conscious invest in a good pair of shapewear. These stretchy underpants help you even out your curves, giving you an impeccable look. If planning to wear a crop top with jeans and thinking that the safety pin would show up, try wearing these shapewears under your outfit, this will instantly solve the zip slip problem without pins.

4. Thigh Chafing  and Rashes?

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With summers come sweat and with sweat comes the desire to wear short dresses and skirts. We are all in love with breezy skirts and dresses as they are super light, breathable and easy to style. These dresses make you feel comfortable. With dresses comes a problem of thigh chafing and this inner thigh chafing can be very uncomfortable. When the skin on your inner thighs getrubbed together while walking, the fiction can create a rash. And we all know the bore of having rashes in summers. To avoid them, take some baby powder and apply it to the affected area or apply it even before heading out in your mini thing. This will help reduce the fiction .  You can also wear a pair of tights under your dresses if you want to avoid using powder.

We hope these tricks come in handy for you.
“Life is entirely too short to be concerned about lists of rules and what others will think.”
So, follow your heart and dress right.

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