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10 Things Every Teacher Say and What They Really Mean

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Every teacher has a bag full of phrases to use on children but – but what the children hear is not always the meaning that the teacher is giving.

Teachers do tend to repeat themselves and have some go-to quotes. They think that these quotes and sentences do work in the class… but students we all know the drill right? 

Here are some of the most common phrases teachers say – and what the underlying meaning could actually be.

‘It’s your time you’re wasting, not mine.’

Okay!! This is the only thing I have now left with! Please shut up now.

stupid students

‘What are you all laughing at? Tell the entire class, we will also laugh!’

I am so angry that you are disturbing the class. Now I have decided ritual humiliation is the only approach left in my arsenal of responses.

teacher angry

‘I won’t be standing there in your exam’

For god’s sake, please just stop asking me questions.

teacher asking question

‘We all will watch a film today.’

So, honestly I got confused with what day is today so I do not have my lesson planned. You can watch Julius Cesar- Et Tu Brute


‘That is your LAST warning.’

Okay, you will get more warnings as I do not know where to go from there. However, yes, please behave.

tensed teacher

‘I’m extending the deadline for your homework as some of you haven’t quite understood the task.’

I totally forgot about this assignment and I have a family function to attend to so I won’t have time to mark these anyway. Let’s be sweet and give you more time.

angry teacher on result

‘Not right, but good attempt.’

You are absolutely wrong!

irritated teacher

‘I don’t care what your other teacher taught or said, this is how we’re doing it.’

Your previous teacher, Fu**ed the entire system and understanding. Now do things my way!

best teacher

‘Tell me your name, I will complain to your class teacher.’

Tell me your name do not worry. I will not remember your name anyway. This is just my way to threatening you.

angry teachers

‘Let me know once you are done with your gossip so that I can start my lessons.’

Either you guys shut up and study or I am going to the staff room for a coffee break, leaving you in an illusion of how angry I am.

teacher irritated

However you are teacher’s, we love you.
Happy Teacher’s Day!!

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