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10 Memes on Coronavirus That You Will Totally Understand

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The news surrounding us has been giving us all kinds of blues during Coronavirus. However we have no option but to get through this pandemic and we will get through this. 

Here are 10 memes to help you survive the remaining few days of the global pandemic and the lockdown.

1. Social Distancing During 2020 Olympics

2. Hands after washing them repeatedly

3. Before versus after Quaratine

4. That happiness after lockdown ends

5. The new way to fool coronavirus

6. When you realize that you had eaten up the chinese food

7. When your mother has been scolding you for doing nothing

8. Perfect use of innerwears

9. When Joey Tribbiani realizes that he is not young anymore

10. And your daily routine…

Which meme did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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