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Here is a List of 10 Cringe-Worthy Indian Daily Soap Scenes And Special Effects

Indian TV Shows Cringe Moments
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There are lots and lots of serials, which are entertaining a huge mass and not only entertaining them but also affecting their minds in different ways. They make us all crazy with their special effects, dialogues, and screenplay. Our daily soaps have everything from Aatmas, Chudails, and Nagin’s to Vish Kanyas, they completely lack sane storylines. The tantrums go too far,

Along with all this, they have crazy, cringe-worthy video and sound effects. They are so dramatic sometimes that we all end up with a face palm!

If you’ve recently been mortified, horrified, or had to face-palmed yourself after watching crazy daily soaps. Check out the list below. It will definitely make you feel better about being a human because it’s clear that we’re all in this big embarrassing mess together.


The singer should get a grammy!


Babe, he just asked you out, why so much drama??


They have used every possible visual effect during the editing.


Exaggeration crossed every possible limit!


The best possible mix of audio, video, and screenplay! Drama unlimited!


NASA takes technological inspiration from here!


It took one episode for her to turn


Okay, I am leaving the planet


Can’t comment any further


Fighting gone crazy!

A compilation of all cringe moments, to give you a headache for life!

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