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Are You Sure You Know Everything About The Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal Unknown facts
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We all are well aware that the Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We all know who built it for whom. We all know it is the pride of our nation. We know a lot about it. But we are just not aware about a lot of it. Being one of the recognizable monuments in the world, it holds one of the most powerful and famous testimonies of love. 

We all think that we know things, but there are still a lot of facts about the Taj Mahal that are unheard and lesser discussed? To be true, the history of the Taj Mahal is rich and is indeed a lot more fascinating than what we all have been hearing for years. 

Taj is India’s most iconic and loved mausoleum, which is truly inspired by love and has put millions of visitors in awe with its serene beauty. The Taj Mahal is still India’s most loved tourist attraction, still, many visitors leave without knowing the real story

There are a lot of unsaid and unknown facts about the Taj,
let’s know some:


Taj Mahal was built during 1632-1653 where Shah Jahan spent nearly 32 million rupees on the construction of the epitome of love. In today’s time, the amount would come close to $1 Billion.

Shah Jahan and his wife
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Nearly around, 28 types of precious and semi-precious stones were used for decorating the Taj. All of these jewels were sourced from Tibet, China, Sri Lanka and some parts of India. 

precious and semi-precious stones of taj mahal
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The four pillars of the Taj Mahal are tilted rather than standing straight. The reason for such a construction was to protect the main tomb from being damaged due to any calamity.

Taj Mahal pillar
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The foundation of Taj Mahal is made of Timber wood and it would have collapsed until now if it weren’t made on the Yamuna Bank. Timber is not supposed to be long lasting which might have weakened the foundation of the Taj over the period of time but it is because of the Yamuna River that the wood is kept strong and moist till date.

taj mahal foundation
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The Taj Mahal is taller than Qutub Minar with a minute difference of five feet. 

taj mahal and qutab minar height comparison
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It is surprising to know that the actual site for the Taj Mahal was not supposed to be Agra. Earlier, the Taj Mahal was planned to be built in Burhanpur a place in Madhya Pradesh, the place Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. However, unfortunately, Burhanpur could not supply enough white marbles.  

taj mahal hd photo
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Both of the cenotaphs in the Taj are empty. Inside the Taj Mahal, the cenotaphs honoring Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan are enclosed in an eight-sided chamber ornamented with pietra dura and a marble lattice screen. But the gorgeous monuments are just for show: The real sarcophagi are in a quiet room below, at the garden level. 

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As per the Islamic tradition, graves are not supposed to be decorated. Perhaps this is the reason why Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz were buried in a plain crypt beneath the inner chamber of Taj Mahal.

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Over some time, the white marble used in the making of the Taj started turning yellow due to air pollution. Because only electric vehicles were allowed near the surrounding area to preserve conserve the cultural heritage of India. 

Yellow taj mahal
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A Taj-inspired luxury hotel is under construction in Dubai. It is named as the Taj Arabia. It is said to be four times the size of the original and will cost an estimated US $1 billion.

Taj Arabia Hotel
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