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My Perfectly Imperfect Girl

Curiouskeeda - My Imperfect Girl
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/21/books/imperfect-little-girls.html

Bright shiny black hair waving at the slightest wind. The purest smile on her face and the smell of roses. I know she is struggling and like the most of us she feels the pressure of toggling between her research, the home and me, but still, she manages to smile so brightly that my tensions and my problems wash away.

The maturity in her immaturity, the truth in her lies and the light in her eyes that’s bright enough to take me away from all the darkness he just lies. When did I get so lucky? I am the one who has always had only one thing common in my life, the one thing I really wanted was always out of reach. But her! How in the world did I get so lucky?

I am telling you she is such a pain, far from being perfect. Her pranks never end and always gets angry on mine, makes faces if I try to get angry but somehow, I can never find that anger of mine! My thoughts mostly are ‘Life is frustrating! The world sucks!’ and then she is there, smiling and the next thought I get is ‘Or is it?’ and the world also sucks less. She has been there always ready to pull me out of every ditch I ever jumped in, oh so often did that happen. How did I get so lucky? How in the world?

I am the type to introspect and reach down to the very details but her I can never understand. I know her every reaction and all her reasons to smile but somehow, she is a mystery to me. I know how to make her laugh, but I can never have enough of that honest smile.

Her constant nagging is such a drag, so annoying, I can’t help but be rude to her and tell her to stop nagging!! But the day she does not call to nag me, I always have trouble sleeping. But she seems to always know before that happens. How did I get so lucky? How in the world?

She can laugh at the worst of my jokes, and believe me I almost always buy it. She would tell me to improve my jokes and then laughs at them to make me feel better and I still buy it. I never let her win arguments, why should I? And then I realize what happened in this argument. I never let her win and she wins anyway, always, invariably.

But still, I can listen to her for hours at a stretch whining about her work, cursing about her weight and her constant swears to start working out, her daily resolution to reduce eating out, her not having enough clothes and then finally the real problems in her life. I try my best to help her solve all these. And then she says. Oh ohhkk.. Mmmhhmm.. And even this, I always buy it. So I question again. How did I get so lucky? How in the world?

She tosses and turns in her sleep, probably looking for my arm because the moment she finds it her smile returns which is so warm. “I know I snore”, she smiles, “I am sorry”, she laughs and I don’t know what to say except look at her, frustrated, and go back to sleep. Then she kisses me on my cheeks and I know now I can sleep. How did I get so lucky? How in the world?

But now that I am this lucky, Please God, if you exist. Let me have this one person throughout my life and I will never complain about any struggle. Let me see that smile and hear that laugh and I will show the world this is the success. Make this one thing absolute and all other things can flow.

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