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Love is Love!

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It is a regular day and the busy streets of Connaught Place are once again bustling with the cacophony of its admirers. The leisured working class, the ever carefree tiny toddlers, the “off-day” homemakers, everybody is eventually having a quality time. Debonair faces all around gather for something is happening now. Now, if you would look around, you would find twitted eyebrows, crowd murmuring in sheer disgust and some even too ashamed to have seen through the whole turn of events. What could have possibly changed the air of the jolly and the buzzing environment of the centre of the Nation’s heart?

As it happened, the crowd soon started disappearing hinted by the sights of the attraction now. But why was the crowd let down? It was a mere and harmless proposal. Gagan had bent on his knees to ask the love of his life to marry him. Was it too progressive for the people of the 21st century to witness one confessing his love publically? Not for Gagan though. He had it all planned out. The perfect restaurant treats followed by the perfect dessert to accompany the best gifts Kiran would have asked for. Courageous enough to ask in front of the world, he went down on his knees to ask his endearing partner Kiran. So did the crowd felt objected with the romance or did they had too much to witness?

Maybe the crowd would have facilitated the moment, had both Gagan and Kiran not shared the XY set of chromosomes. The story would have been more idealistic if either Kiran was a girl or Gagan was a boy. However, this triggers my brain thinking for all those who say love is an emotion for someone by someone. As far as I recall, I was not told that these “someone’s” always had to be of the opposite gender. Did I miss that class when the subject was taught? For a long time, society has viewed homosexuality as a parameter to decimate a human being for the “sin” of loving.

You can argue, being a proud member of the LGBT community is ethically off base. How is being your identity an ethical off base? It does not happen that an individual wake up one day and arbitrarily pronounce that they are gay to outrage you or your religion. Do you have even the foggiest idea about their identity? For what reason would someone be something that makes living in our society one serious parcel harder? We additionally have the contention that homosexuality is an ailment and that you can be dealt with or settle on the choice to change. Consider the off chance that a man does not discover ladies appealing, how are you going to drive him into discovering ladies alluring? For the matter of fact, suppose that you do compel them into a hetero relationship. A man in an association with a lady that he isn’t pulled in to sounds like a cold relationship that closures in separation—another idea that individuals discover wrong, so pick your toxin.

What more? “It’s unnatural.” A few wild species are involved in homosexual conduct. While the objective may not be to duplicate, the reason for this conduct is said to “concrete social bonds.” A dictionary meaning to a relationship is: “the condition of being associated by blood or marriage.” So when hetero mating reinforces the obligation of a relationship, the intercourse between two creatures of similar sex also fortifies the connection among them.

“It does not take into account procreation.” There are individuals everywhere throughout the world that essentially don’t have any desire to have kids. Does that place them in the wrong as well?

“It is in the toddler’s best advantages that he should be raised by his natural dad and mom.” So shouldn’t something be said about kids that lose either of their folks because of death? In addition, shouldn’t something be said about the mother that is left by a man to bring up a kid alone?  It does not make a difference who is bringing up a kid as long as they are in a sustaining domain that advances a positive and a sound way of life. Regardless of whether he/she is raised by a hetero or gay couple or a solitary parent, they are similarly as fit for being raised well. There are such a large number of youngsters that are parentless and holding up to be received, and what the society thinks is that there will be a negative impact if a gay couple embraces a child and makes every effort to give them the most ideal circumstance.

In the event that despite everything you cannot acknowledge them, overlook them. Try not to pass judgment on them for simply loving. It is as straightforward as saying that love is love. Try asking me to draw how does a gay or a lesbian or bisexual or a transgender look like. I will probably draw the same set of eyes, the same ears, the same nose and the same face structure for you and them. However, as great individuals as the community has, they are simply large-hearted liberals, accommodating and obliging like any other “normal” individual. It is anything but an infection, it is anything but an imperfection, it is anything but a decision. These individuals love who they adore and they have the capacity to express that.

Nobody can constrain themselves into being pulled in to somebody, and on the off chance that they attempted to, that is not reasonable for themselves or the other individual engaged with the relationship. What antagonism would you say you are encountering from somebody being gay other than the way that it “sickens you” or “nauseates you” since you are intolerant? Because somebody is gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual does not imply that you must be also! They are communicating their interests similarly as you express yours.

The LGBTQIA community deserves to be treated with deference and to be qualified for similar rights that each other individual has.
Let the lovers love.

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