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This is how the Coca-Cola and McDonalds were founded. Read Rahul Gandhi’s in-depth analyses on it!

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It is no surprise that Congress President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi is back in bold letters. He is again the talk of the town. He is back in news for the known reasons. It has been long since any good days came for him. He has always been the core of jokes and memes, and yet again he is back with a bang with his latest episode. We’ve all laughed crazy at everything our very own Pappu has ever said, but this time with no doubt he’s honestly outdone himself. Taking a dig at PM Narendra Modi is his favorite thing to do, as everyone already knows, but it almost always backfires and he gets ruthlessly trolled on Twitter. Do you think he learns something from his mistakes? No, not at all! He is the king and he goes on making it even bigger and funnier. Scratching your head and wondering what this legend did now? Here it is.

During one of his latest speech addressing the OBC Community at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi, where he tried to mock attack PM Modi, Mr. Gandhi presented the audience with incredibly crazy and unbelievable facts that probably made sense only for the congress party.

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In the session he went on talking about how people work hard behind the scenes and never get any benefit because in India it is always enjoyed by others. He stated, “People with skills are not rewarded in India… farmers work hard but you don’t see them in the offices of Modi ji.” This is not it, he went on comparing our country with The United States to prove his point, and then started the great Indian Laughter challenge.  He went on sharing his secret ‘insight’ about inventor of the drink Coca-Cola and owner of McDonald’s and how their hard work paid them well.. His statement is now trending as memes on social media channels. Want to know the statement?

‘Prince’ of the Gandhi family in his statement said that the guy who started Coca-Cola was a ‘shikanji’ seller before making it big. Let’s quotes his exact words. “Coca-Cola company ko shuru karne wala ek shikanji bechne wala vyakti tha.” He explained the audience that he used to mix sugar in water and sell off whose work was later recognized and was funded with money with the help of which he incorporated a company which we now know as Coca-Cola. This is not it the fun has just begun, he went on adding that the founder of the biggest burger chain, McDonald’s was a ‘dhaba wala’.

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We all love how he thinks he is super smart and he made a huge point that will have a great impact in the society. Honestly speaking, it did make a huge impact in the society. Soon after the speech the video caught people’s eye, it became the top trend. Without wasting any time, Twitterati got down to their work of trolling. From calling him a mode of ‘entertainment’ to questioning his intelligence, netizens came up with all sorts of comments. #AccordingToRahulGandhi became the top shot trend. #AccordingToRahulGandhi is crazily spreading like fire on Twitter with more than 10.2k tweets on it, to be honest it is all totally justified!

Let’s have a look at what Twitterati got to say-

1. Things do start from somewhere.

Founder of Harley Davidson #AccordingToRahulGandhi pic.twitter.com/HtzpsQoX0D

2. McDonald’s owner found! Eureka!


3. Now this is our favorite. Owner of Starbucks.

Future owner of @Starbucks #AccordingToRahulGandhi pic.twitter.com/onGPgU8XJ7

We have 1000 more to show, but let’s just leave it to you to explore and have a blast. Follow the hashtag #AccordingToRahulGandhi and you will have your entertainment bucket for tonight sorted. Undoubtedly, the fantastical world of Rahul Gandhi is pretty interesting we must say.
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