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Fair play on Bihar Road Rage Case

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Source: https://dailypost.in/news/national/aditya-sachdeva-murder-case-rocky-yadav-convicted/

Re-established of justice calmed down everyone’s heart after the court verdict about the case of Rocky Yadav and Aditya Sachdeva.

Rocky Yadav, son of suspended MLC Manorama Devi was sentenced to jail for a lifetime with two others in connection with the murder case of Aditya, whereas his father, Bindi Yadav is also ordered the imprisonment of five years. Besides this, the court has also slapped Rs One Lakh fine on Rocky Yadav, Rs50, 000 on Bindi Yadav and penalty of Rs10,000 was imposed on other two convicts.

Last year on May 7, 2016, when the teenagers, Aditya, and his friends were returning from Bodh Gaya after a birthday party, they had a fight with Rocky who was driving a new Land Rover with a licensed Italian pistol. The agency says that Rocky enraged the teenagers while overtaking the car.


Infuriated rocky overtook their car and tried intercepting. After that, he got down of the car and had an argument. When his friend, Nasir who was driving the car tried to speed away, Rocky fired the lodged bullet in Aditya’s head from the back.  After the incident, Rocky fled the place thereafter and had taken the shelter at his father’s factory in Bodh Gaya from where he was arrested 48 hours later.

After this heavy loss of life of an innocent child, a class 12 student, Rocky’s mother was later booked in a case of recovery of liquor from her house and she got suspended also.

The verdict was given by the court of Gaya District a few days ago. The court also rejected the prayer of Rocky’s bail.

Well, it is very truly said that the son will continue the path built by the father. And all this started in back 1980s when Bindi being a school student footed hi step in the world of crime. There were many cases of kidnapping, murder was filed against his father, Bindi Yadav. Though he got out of the jail at this time, because of his approach and financial strength.


But hopefully, this innocent child is justified after his death. It increases the faith of the people for the government. If such cases will not be justified, India would never be able to develop itself. Secondly, it also gives relief to the common people of the country that their decision for voting was right. The common man is not concerned with the caste, sex, religion, race, etc. but the people, the parties that run the government in a right manner.

This verdict by the court consoled the bruised heart of Aditya’s parents.

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