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10 Idioms that Perfectly Suit Rahul Gandhi

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A 48-year old man, who recently got promoted to the president of the Indian National Congress. Yes! I am talking about our very own Rahul Gandhi. We have seen so many incidents where he has proved that he is such a pain in the ass. He does not know how to give speeches as a politician, he does not know where to speak and what to speak. He is the most oblivious legislator that India has ever seen. I have listed down a few idioms that perfectly suit Rahul Gandhi.

1. When nobody knows what he is up to…
(Aam se tapkaa, bagal Me atka)Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 1

2. Remember his speeches?…
(Jo garajate hain vo baraste nahi)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 23. His final visit to one of the temples…
(Sau choohe khake billi haj ko chali)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 34. Ahaan..The GANDHI Family!
(Manushaya apni sangati se pehchana jata hai)Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 4

5. Yes! Gandhi Family and their close relationships with corruption…
(Koyle ki dalali me muh kala)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 56. Remember his idea of converting potatoes into gold…Holy F****** Shit...Check out the video below to know more
(Thotha chana bhaaje ghana)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 6
7. Oh Yeah! As if he thinks for the development…
(Muh mein Ram, bagal me churi)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 78. He has learned so many things from his mother…What do you think?
(Kaante se kaanta nikalta hai)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi -8

9. Sometimes renowned people are the worst…
(Unchi dukan feeke pakwan)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 910. Lunatic minister of India…
(Ek hi ullu kaafi hai barbaad-ae-gulistaan ke liye. Har shaakh pe ullu baitha hai anjaam-ae-gulistaan kya hoga)
Curiouskeeda - Rahul Gandhi - 10



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