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hy”POP”crisy of Cringe-Pop Culture

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Cringe-pop culture has become a trend among the youngsters, the “it” thing. So, what is cringe pop music you ask? It’s a genre of pop music, which is absolutely crass and cacophonic, creating a nuisance to music lovers. Dhinchak Pooja, Taher Shah, Omprakash Mishra are extending the so-called famous lineage. These “cringe popstars” are widely accepted and celebrated amongst the youth. So why are the people finding it exciting???

According to Clinical psychologist Dr. Pulkit Sharma, “erotic or sexist lyrics are appreciated by masses, particular men”. With the increase in versatile music listened by equally versatile and dynamic audience, cringe pop music has been embraced enormously as it is sending the much-needed stimulus to the masses.

There are many factors that result in the aggressive nature of the love for the cringe-worthy among the youth.  One such convenient and the feasible factor is “Freedom of Expression”, something very often misused by the media and by extension the people in general. Let’s say, I abuse the famous personalities, I abuse your gods, I abuse the people you love and chalk it all to ‘Freedom of Expression’ basically telling you “kya ukhaad loge”, blurring the lines between insults and freedom of expression.

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The “now” famous song “Bol na aunty kya” by Self-proclaimed “The Rap King” Omprakash Mishra is taking the “cringe” lovers by storm. Yes, the video was gathering dust over YouTube for 2-3 years but thanks to the kick lovers that they found the much needed latent talent out of their leisure time.

“Bol na aunty aao kya, ghanti mai bajao kya, sot main lagao kya”, this song is about a boy wanting to make sexual advances to a much older women “aunty” – brand new definition of the ideal HERO of the youth???. Sympathies to those people who support this new definition for heroism, pity on those people who are appreciating the misogynistic lyrics and so believe in normalizing rape culture, stalking and objectification of women.

Source: (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WDmmpX9TgSI/maxresdefault.jpg)

Deeksha Sharma, 24-year-old, quint neon journalist raises the same questions and disagreement about the misogynistic content and ask viewers to report the video and demanded to take it down and then all hell broke loose. The girl started getting death and rape threats and people defended their new hero. They believe that if we are okay with other popular rappers like Honey Singh, Raftaar, Baadshah and their misogynistic content then why we can’t accept the new fella..!!

Days after this incident, Raftaar, Bollywood rapper, uploaded the video showing condolences for the peer rapper, and acknowledged the fact that it takes a lot of courage and patience to create something and put it in front of the people and if people feel offended by it, they should stop listening to these and so singers will stop making these. But the question here is what is the cultural heritage that’s being left behind with songs like these? And people also love drugs, so using his logic, should the government legalize it and remove all the extra taxes and penalties on Liquor and cigarettes? And completely ignore the fact that they destroy lives?

Well, Varun Dhawan also took a dig at our Rap God by calling him a Kekda (crab) in an interview.

It seems Mishra Ji got offended by his comment, but did he forget to react to the sexist comment he is making on an elderly woman in his video, why such melodrama???

A group of youngsters decided to gather at CP, New Delhi and hooted the vulgar song, knowing or not knowing about the lyrics that could be out heard by other civilians and that might include those “Aunties” that Omprakash Mishra has shamelessly addressed in his song, who didn’t know who the fuck is this Rap God and have nothing to do with the same.

At one hand we talk about women empowerment, new rules and regulation and safety measures to be taken down for women, we talk about eve teasing on bigger platforms and on the other hand we encourage such rats who indirectly convey patriarchy’s inherent policies. It always takes two to tango, aren’t we too joining the hypocrisy queue by motivating and appreciating an utter piece of misogynist shit. C’mon guys, we can’t buy anything in the name of music and tag it as #trending or #trendsetter. We cannot accept what is wrong with the society in the context of someone else having done it. It’s high time that we should use our brains and differentiate between good and bad and behave like responsible citizens and support and do what is good and placid for the society.


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