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8 Musical Instruments That Will Take You To The World Of Tomorrow

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The study of melodic musical instruments is also known as the study of the human condition. Each culture is characterized by its own particular arrangement of trills, whistles, parps, sounds, and beats, and each corner of the world has developed its very own area explicit indigenous instrument to recharge a feeling of social personality through uproarious self-articulation. 

What’s more, instruments evolve – never more so than now, amidst a technological revolution that has opened up entirely new approaches towards making music. The electric guitar was not developed until 1931. However, since then, it has turned into the most significant instrument in present-day music. Ever wonder which are strange new instruments being designed today will come to define the future of music?

So settle back and compose yourself as we take a gander at 8 new instruments that look set to go with us into the world of tomorrow.


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It may sound like you are living in the year 3020, but it is true that electroencephalophone is a device that converts brainwaves into sound. Now what you think can be turned into music. 

2| Eigenharp

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Eigenharp, a new musical instrument is a slow-crafted technological marvel. It has 120 keys, with each one tilting to give a soothing and flexible tone. The instrument also has a percussion button, built-in sound management capabilities including recording, playback and looping, and a potentially limitless range of noises. It is running on uploaded digitally sampled sounds. This instrument is played via keyboard, tap-pad, and mouthpiece – and the result is an instrument that sounds like a band.

3|Electric Violin

Electric Violin
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This instrument is highly, digitally enhanced. It belongs to a family of new hybrid instruments that are sufficiently well-established to become a mainstay of the modern music scene. It has amazing electrical pickups inside or outside the instrument’s body. Its vibrations are run through electronic processing and transformed into any sound under the sun – most effectively, the noise of an electric guitar. 


tenori-on musical instrument
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It looks like a beautiful, digital good-to-go version of Minesweeper, but believe it or not, this esthetically pleasing baby is for making beautiful music. It has a 16 x 16 grid of LED lights on and it responds to touch and to real-time looped programming. It creates soaring, rippling compositions that are sure to mesmerize the audience. 


Samchillian Musical instrument
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Looks like a chest expander but is a musical instrument, crazy right? It is a new ergonomic-minded take on the keyed instrument. The key represents a relative and not fixed, note. As the musician plays, the function of each part of the instrument is constantly changing, allowing a full range of musical expression. 


beat bearing Musical instrument
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They do look like some kids game but instead are new generation music-making machines. BB makes noise itself. It triggers the timing of preselected types of percussion – simply drop a steel ball-bearing in the right slot to get the beat you want, when you want. Too high-tech isn’t it?


kbow Musical instrument
Source: www.keithmcmillen.com

It is a smart bow that has pre-embedded sensors. The instrument works on motion sensing to detect movement speeds, direction, tilt angle, and other parameters to produce the desired sound. Gesture-control is a boon that opens an entirely new world of out of the box musical-synthesis in this modern string instrument.

8|Continuum Keyboard

continuum fingerboard Musical instrument
Source: www.schneidersladen.de

Ever heard of a musical instrument that “tracks” your finger coordinates in space? Well, a digital keyboard- Continuum is here, and musicians can now digitally ‘pluck’ it to produce sound. The instrument can track up to 16 fingers, and can also imitate acoustic sounds. Interesting isn’t it?

Which instrument did excite you the most?? Let us know in the comment section below.

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