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7 Lesser Known International Music Genres That Are Worth Your Attention!

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Music has been that bae who always impacts our emotions no matter what. It creeps in our emotions and have the tendency to change them.

For instance, listening to slow music always aid us in appeasing our negative emotions. Whether you are tired after a hard day at work or particularly sad because of a fight with your significant one  or exceptionally happy due to good news, you always love plugging into some music and letting your emotions roll.

Most of us have a favorite genre that we swear by. That does not necessarily mean that we dislike the rest, it simply means that we would choose that over everything else.

1. Synthpop

Synthpop, the forefather of modern electronic dance music, originated in the latter half of the 70s. It used the synthesizer as the primary instrument, and its name explains that to a larger extent. The genre became very popular in Japan and UK with bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order which won hearts in their arena.

2. Raï

If you are into folk music, then you should definitely try out this genre. An offshoot of Algerian folk music, Raï is popular even today because of the many mainstream collaborations it had with popular genres. Well-known artists have covered this genre which is one of the reasons you can still listen to Raï. The songs are based on themes like social causes. Created by the lower strata of the Algerian society, this genre is a delight to hear because of its cultural significance. You can listen to Cheb Khaled (Didi) if you want to hear traditional Raï music.

I am sure you have had experienced with this genre once in your life. Remember the scene where Govinda, the star of 90s, in Had Kar Di Aapne movie, attempted to befool a drunk man by portraying himself as a singer who could really sing songs in many languages (watch the video above from 2:12 to 2:58) Also, the song “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi” from the movie Airlift has also similar type of music in it.

3. Acid Jazz

Mixing musical genres can be really fun, and acid jazz is the product of one such mixture. Combining the tunes of jazz, soul, funk, and hip-hop, this genre became popular in the mid-1980s with numerous DJs and bands joining the culture. Try listening to DJ Smash and Jamiroquai if you want a taste of quintessential acid jazz.

4. Glitch

Electronic music is a big part of the music industry today. The genre of glitch was also born from the electronic music movement. This genre is full of surprises,  I can assure you the same.

It came into existence in the late 90’s and is known to utilize vinyl record scratches, software bugs, and system error sounds in order to create musical harmony. This arrangement completely changes these distasteful sounds into a beautiful medley. Some of the important artists related to this genre include Kim Cascone Ryoji Ikeda and the Glitch Mob.

5. Noise Music

To be fair, this genre is not everyone’s cup of tea because well, it is noise. If you want your music to be soft and meaningful, , then stay away from noise music and add songs in your playlist from this genre.

This genre specializes in using instrumental effects like distortion and usually is very, very loud. Lou Reed’s album, Metal Machine Music is an excellent example of this genre and what is stands for. Of course, you can always listen to Jimi Hendrix for some brilliant guitar playing in this genre.

6. Straight Edge

This genre is as anti-punk as it gets,and should be a pass for all punk lovers. Here is the thing though. When you listen to the music, you will hear the punk influence in it, but the lyrics are solely focused on avoiding any mention of narcotics, alcohol, recreational drugs, and even caffeine.

7. Zouk

This genre was created from the street carnivals that were popular in Caribbean islands like Guadeloupe and Martinique. The tropical vibe along with fast tempo make this perfect for foot-tapping. Prominent artists include Pierre-Edourad Decimus, Jacob Desvarieux, and George Decimus.

How about plugging in your headphones now?

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