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5 Times People Totally Misheard The Lyrics to a Song!

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Hey, it happens with all of us right? We all listen to a song may be on the radio while we are driving and sing the song until a friend laughs at you and says, “Those are not the words!” And you go “Huh, what, really?” as your world shatters around you.

We all hum certain songs and then realise that we did not get them on the first go? We all have a sudden realization where we get to know that the lyrics of our favourite song were totally different all this while?
If you have nodded at the above senarios with an affirmative, welcome to the club. We’ve all done this at some point or the other.

Misheard phrases, also called ‘mondegreens’. This happens all the time, we hear entirely different lyrics because so many words sound so similar to others. There are multiple songs that we all have been humming wrong all this while. And obviously, because we’re all perverted humans, the second meaning that we make out of the song is often something that’s hilarious because it’s somewhat… very dirty. Or just entirely different.

Here are some Bollywood songs that we might have gotten wrong in the first go:

Love Dose

What it sounds like – “I wanna chew my baby, mujhe de de love dose”

Actual lyrics – “I want you my baby, mujhe de de love dose”

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan

What it sounds like – “Baitha diya palang pe, mujhe khaat se uthaake”

Actual lyrics – “Baitha diya falak pe, mujhe khaat se uthaake”


What it sounds like – “Banno tera sweater laage sexy”

Actual lyrics – “Banno tera swagger laage sexy”

Aaja Mahiya

What it sounds like – “ Aa thook maloon main tere haathon mein “

Actual lyrics – ” Aa dhup maloon main tere haathon mein ”

Ek Glassy

What it sounds like – “ Ek classy, do classy, teen classy, char! “

Actual lyrics – “ Ek glassy, do glassy, teen glassy, char! ”

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