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10 Bollywood Songs Only For Girls That Will Fire Up Motivation


Music can be very powerful as it can invoke plenty of emotions in us. When it comes to Bollywood, the peppy songs mixed with amazing lyrics, can lift up your mood and increase your hope when everything seems down and low. 

CuriousKeeda has found some truly inspiring pieces from Bollywood music that are sure to boost up your stressed life.

Here are 10 of the best motivational songs that we have shortlisted only for you.

1.When nothing goes right, take your phone and listen to this song and feel the difference and never stop!

2. This song explains your true worth

3. Money can’t spread happiness but you do as a daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife on a daily basis

4. You are the reason for your happiness

5. Yay! We like to swing

6. Let go of your pent up emotions and say hello to your new life

7. You are free just like a bird

8. Your physical strength is unbeatable

9. Live like a storm and have a dhakad-ful life

10. Nothing is impossible

Can you think of more? 

We would love to hear it from you. Let us know in the comment section below.

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