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You Are Unique!


There are days when we love to excuse ourselves from the monotonous and hectic schedule of life, sit with oneself and have self-introspection. Talk to oneself about problems, worlds problem, where everyone has a different perspective.

In this fast-paced life, all we can do is sit with each other have a talk and feel better. 

Try to let the voice of your heart echo in, if not in everyone’s then at least in your ears.

Stop bothering yourself about what others might think, but rather, concentrate on what you think and want.

In the end, it’s your life, and what you have is your present to make this life worth cherishing.


Let your heart tell you that the safest path is not always the best path, believe in your heart and yourself. Let your heart win over the voice of your fears. Make the most beautiful memories out of your life.

Because you deserve the best and you can always transform yourself into someone better than the one you were in the past.

‘You are a bird, spread your wings and FLY!’

Let us all extend our horizons of doing good for ourselves and for others.

You see someone bargaining rupees five with a powerless rickshaw puller; help him. Give him the money, not because sympathies with him, but because you want him to know that you respect his work, not because you feel pity of the work he is being forced to do for living, but just because it’s him who is willing to drop you to the market in the terrifying heat.

Respect everything that comes your way, from the rickshaw puller to your own self. While he has helped people in some way you have done the same, from helping your mother in the kitchen to making your friends smile, you did help them.

You are special in your own way. “You are unique.”

Just in case you do something wrong, it’s absolutely okay. You can correct it, just work for it and make it right, you have the scope. Remember life is a learning, it’s all about the journey and never about the destination.


Let us all try to experience happiness together. Let our entire optimistic attitude win over our pessimism. Try helping a 60-year-old while he is crossing the road, try talking to a 40-year-old while he reveals to you the secret of the world. Let us all try to take up happiness from all the colors of life, rather than asking for the whole colored palette at once. Almighty has blessed you with this life, take this as a blessing, not as a curse.

Don’t just live life to survive, live to live! Breathe, not just to inhale or exhale, but breath to get better, to feel relaxed, breath to let go the sorrow, breath to smile.

While some people create wonders with words, music or a brush and paint, you can try to make something beautiful with your behavior. Try to make people stop and say, ‘I’ve never met anyone like you before.’ It’s more than just you, it’s the style. It’s doing something better than anyone else could ever do. It’s being creative. It’s being kind, being humble, being helpful, and most importantly it’s being you, a better you!

We all know life is a tough journey, but keep in mind that you are magic. Let your magic do wonders and shine in everyone else’s eyes, because-

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