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The word must have brought a big beamy smile on your face. Childhood is that box of memories that is built with layers of friendship, painted with sugars of all the teeth-rotting sweets, supported with a handle of all the possible emotions, and with an anti-termite of the anxiousness of future. The most difficult decision to make during this golden phase was, deciding whether to watch the favorite on Disney or on Pogo when the timeline collided.

Life soon picked up its pace and so did our mental, emotional and physical growth. Consider a scenario. You grow up and eventually realize that you are supposed to take part in this grand race. Your mind decodes that everybody born with the privilege of a being human being is supposed to be an active member of this race. Unwillingly, you “signed” the conduct of the race and initiated with an unfeigned attitude of winning it. There were many adversities and you somehow started coping them with the heart of an invincible. Days in days out, you ran the race but did not succeed in achieving the rankers spot and ended up being a mediocre in that very fast-paced race. The race continued until eternity and your spot was fixed. Would you run the race until one day your life ceases suddenly?

If you are thinking the answer to it as no, you probably have the sane mind as I have. However, the irony being, most of us have already signed up for this race. The name of the race, if you haven’t already guessed, is Life. All of us have our own set of insecurities in lives and a question of an enormous rigor “What is the purpose of my life?” It takes nerves of steel and a heart of valiant to give a deep ponder to this life-defining question.

The great people of  history have tried answering this question in their own ways. If you already have found out answers, which will or has served you good for a lifetime, do not bother reading ahead. I am no Aristotle or Sadh guru, but here is what I believe could be a possible answer to the most tricky question that life asks over the course of your journey to end. Well, the answer lies within the problem itself. I am sure this sounds familiar. However, this is the case.

The most dunderheaded you could ever look is when you are doing something and do not know why are you even doing it. Imagine if someone stopped you in the middle of your race and asked why you are even running? The mechanism of self-defence kicks in and you may end up answering, “since others are running, I am following their traces.” However, deep down you know this answer stands no good. Did you ever gave it a thought as to why are the top rankers running? Why none does stop and asks why are we in this never-ending struggle?

If your only motive is to vie a good comfort in all aspects for the rest of your life, would you prefer running on a track with a known environment and familiar thorns? You are looking for this answer, aren’t you? Before signing up for the race, make sure it’s “the” race. Everybody in his/her life is born with a purpose to serve. Although majority of us struggle to find this course of race and end up running the wrong race. No wonder we live in a world where the concept of failure and dejection are given as excuses to escape the hard work!

For some, the checked off whites of the corporate culture are a dream to fulfil while for some letting their creation speak for them is all they need. For some it’s the very idea of owning a life of their own while for some dedicating their lives to a ground-breaking research in the history of humanity is a must. It is important to discover the race you are born to run. This could sound bit dramatic to some but I believe this is the truth and we have to accept it, live with it!

If you have made it reading till here, you must be drowning in the pool of uncertainties and perplexities with the voices inside you screaming out loud, “Who am I?”, “What should I do?”, “Am I in the right race?” , “Will I ever find my race?”. In order to answer these questions, you may choose either of the following options.

  1. Haste through options and yet again be stuck in the loop till death.
  2. Wait for things to happen and live with that fake smiley face forever.

However, these options are not for those who want to find out the sole purpose of their lives. The road hardly traveled after coming across this crucial crossroad is the road to self-discovery and one must always try to find this road to self-discovery.

“How is that going to help me?”, “How will knowing myself put food on my table?” It is very likely that these questions have made a cut short appearance in your mind. Well, I should have added a disclaimer that this option is not for those who are not willing to risk for the better good. You can be very good at judging others but knowing yourself and judging your actions is a herculean task. The first question you should ask yourself is “Do I really know myself?”. If you have the answer, you will very well know what to do next. Do not know yourself just for the purpose of saying so. Be more curious about yourself, discover yourself more with each passing day.

Making definite decisions about a career path is not about selecting what your peers chose. You should know if you are built to race that course. The world is a big learning classroom and you should be intrigued about every aspect of how the world works. Spare a few moments to analyse your daily routine and find out your own interests and small ways you can exercise your passion to doing something meaningful. The prior aim of this activity is to know yourself better that you do now. The bridge from passion to money-maker can’t be made hastily, right? Interests often are discarded because they cannot be immediately relayed into source of income. However, the world knows JK Rowling for the Hogwarts she built and not by her 10th grade mark sheet she had.

The purpose of your life is to find the course you were born to run. The road to discover your race is not just a mere cakewalk. As it is said, Finding yourself” consists of peeling off years to self-conditioning to find a self as it existed during childhood, unmasked. The journey to self-exploration is paved with adversities of accepting the harshest of truths, believing your instincts and being receptive of any hurdle, which puts you out of your comfort zone. You have the answers to all your problems and none knows it better than you do.

The bottom line is, there is only one question you need to ask yourself:
“Is this my race?”
The day you look in the mirror and answer it with a yes, that day will be the first of your journey to being one of the greatest of all times!

Happy Discovering!

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