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How to Reduce and Manage Stress

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Today, as of this particular moment, everyone reading this is stressed, in one way or the other. Although our disease may match, our poisons will vary. Some of us might be stressed due to our increasing load of work in the 9 to 5 environment some of us may be stressed about our impending results. There can be countless reasons for why you are stressed, but the main question is – What are you doing about it?

Some of you will probably answer anything, and many of you will start coming up with very bad excuses as answers. Because we are so engrossed in coping with what is causing our stress, so that our stress goes, we end up getting more stress. In other words, our stress is giving us more stress, and this is an infinite loop. And this stress is so severe, even if you are not extremely stressed, that it has caused permanent hunched up shoulders, clenched jaws with your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth, and so many other small things that you fail to notice. Nail biting, bouncing your legs, and several other things can be caused by anxiety that is being caused by your stress. So what should you do to reduce that stress?

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While some may think otherwise, but you are the best person who can calm you down. Given, that there may be people you know who have the ability to calm down, we are not asking you to ditch them. But knowing how to calm yourself down will help you in cases when you can’t reach those people.

Firstly, breathe. Take some long, deep breaths, and tell yourself that you can do it. Focus on your breathing while you do it. Something as easy as breathing deeply for even five minutes can help you ease your heart rate and reduce stress.

Different triggers help different people to cope with stress. You can, of course, try them to figure out what best works for you. Meditation is considered to be one of the best stress busters. As little as ten minutes of meditation per day can reduce your stress levels to a very high extent. And while you are meditating, make sure to only think positive and optimistic thoughts, which will act as a catalyst in lowering our stress levels.

For those who are not affected by simple meditation, try exercising. Be it yoga or cardio or any other kind of exercise that gives you physical stress, it will help you reduce stress. This is because physical stress is inversely proportional to mental stress. It has been seen that physical stress tends to wear you out, reduces stress hormones, regulates better sleep, and accepting your body better helps your mental wellbeing as well. So why not give it a go?

Stress causes energy drainage, which most people try to rejuvenate by caffeine intake. Be it energy drinks or coffee, or some other source, too much caffeine input is never good, as it can trigger more anxiousness and therefore stress. It has been seen that taking caffeine through sources like tea or coffee can be okay, and even healthy, as long as they are taken in limited and considerate amounts. So all those addicts functioning on caffeine right now, it is time to cut back, for your own wellbeing.

Procrastination can be a real pain, especially when a deadline is approaching with lightning speed. Learning to ditch procrastination and being punctual can turn out to be the best stress reliever, especially if you are one of those who keep pushing aside their work and keep delaying it. When you learn to not procrastinate, you start doing your work on time, which leaves nothing for you to worry about. You can start by prioritizing work, and setting up goals for yourself. This may take some time to get acquainted with, but once you have gotten the hang of it, you will be stress-free to a very high extent.

Music is one of the best therapies you can take to lower down those stress levels. Soothing music or even soothing sounds can be a lot of help while trying to get rid of your stress. Music that you like, or soothing and relaxing tunes, or even several sounds, like that of rain, can act as triggers and help you calm down. Listening to classical music also have a lot of benefits. Just take ten to fifteen minutes to yourself and listen to some good relaxing music and sounds can help you relax and calm down.

Pets are one of the best therapies available out there, if you like animals. Be it your own pet, or that of someone you know, spending time with them can cause your stress levels to go down. Pets help you get into a more positive mood, and trigger happy hormones, that calm you down and reducer your anxiety. And if you do not know anyone with pets, you can always visit an animal shelter to spend time with these furry creatures, and who knows – maybe even adopt one!

Talking is one of those underrated things that can be the perfect solution for your stress. Talking to any of your loved ones – friends, family or your significant other, can really be helpful and aid you with stress. Talking helps you loosen out also gives you an outsider’s perspective. This tends to clear out what is stressing you, and can help you ease off that thing. Just remember that it is okay to talk about what is bothering you and let it all out. It really does help.

Laugh it up. Yes, that is right. Laugh out, and not just a chuckle or a formal laugh, a full-blown, booming laugh. The laugh you get from your belly. Laughing can help you loosen up and lighten your mental load, especially when it becomes too much to bear. Be it through a bunch of stupid jokes, some comics, a comedy movie, some sitcom, or just plain old YouTube, find some source of laugh and get those endorphins to boost up and brighten up your mood!

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In the end, remember that there is nothing more important than your wellbeing and it is okay to take some time for yourself whenever you are overwhelmed by stress. All you have to do is try and realize what the best trigger is for you to get rid of stress, or at least reduce it, and you will be good to go. Prioritize yourself as long as it is healthy, and stay stress-free!

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