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10 Ways To Be Happier In The Next 5 Minutes

Ways To Be Happier In The Next

How many times have you read on Google or social media platforms that “your happiness lies in you”. A lot of times??

Yes! We know the fact that our happiness lies in us. But, there are external factors which are out of our control that keep hindering our cheerfulness. Modifying your actions positively according to your mood will definitely boost your behaviour and cheer you up. Your happiness will always lie in you. Don’t get dependent on others to be happy. 

Who knew that getting happy is just a 5-minutes job?
Here we have listed 10 ways to get happier only in 5 minutes. 

Write it down

write it down

Whenever you get sad, write 3 positive things about you on a piece of paper. You will become more positive and more optimistic in the next 5 minutes. 

Go outside and feel the fresh air


Did you know that watching moving cars on the road and listening to their vroom-vroom while enjoying the fresh air can actually help you in getting happier?  Try this out and feel the difference. 

Ohh wait, if it’s extremely hot and you hate summers like anything, find a place which has more shadows to get saved from the sun-heat. 

Leave a note for your loved ones

loved one note

Remember those who are really special to you whenever you are sad. Your sad days are the best days to thank those who are still beside you. Leave a note with beautiful words for them. Trust me, it really works.

Learn something new

learn new skill

There are plenty of things in the world that you don’t know. YouTubing and watching relevant videos can develop amazing skills in you. A 5-minute or 10-minute video can make you wiser. 

Solo Date

Being solo and not surrounded by people can help you let go of your negative vibes. You can treat yourself with some delicious food. 

solo date

And if you don’t have money, cook some delectable food for yourself. And if you are completely broke, cooking maggie will make your mood better. 

Bathroom Therapy

share things

If you are sad and nothing makes you better, walk to the bathroom, look into the mirror, have an eye to eye contact with yourself and cry like a baby. Once your emotions are controlled, say “I am Happy”, repeat it for 10 times and come out. You will see a big smile on your face

Share with your buddy

sad lady

Many research states that sharing your grief with your chuddies buddies can restore your good mood. Call and reach out to that buddy of your life. That person is the only person who can make you feel better at this tough time. 

Do something

do something to have a happier life

I know it’s hard to do anything whenever we get sad. But, try it! It will give you a huge mental solace. 


meditate a little to make yourself happier

Meditation is another way to get rid of the negative thoughts. Keep calm and Om is the best strategy to lighten up your temper and makes you happier.

Music! Music! Music!

listen to music it makes you happier

Last but not the least! Music is a proven scientific method which lifts you up to a more peaceful state. Go for a solo jam session and notice a huge smile on your face after that. 

What method do you use when you get sad? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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