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10 Tips To Make The Task Of Decision Making A Whole Lot Easier

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Decisions are made by us on a daily basis, everything we say and do is the result of a decision, whether we make it consciously or not. For each choice, be it big or small, there’s is no handy formula that helps you make the right decision. The best you can do to come up with a good decision is to have a multifaceted approach. An approach that has many perspectives. Once you have options available, then choose a course of action that seems reasonable and balanced at that time. If comes a time when you have to take a big decision, the task can be a daunting one. But there are some simple things you can do to make it less intimidating, Keep reading to learn more about how to make decisions.

Should I move?
Which job offer will be best?
Am I in the right relationship?
Should I proceed with the surgery?

Sometimes the elements and possible consequences of a hard decision are so complicated your brain gets muddled, and confusion and indecision grip you like a vice. You become frozen like a deer in headlights.

It is true, the more you keep on thinking about the decision you have to make, the more confused and stuck you feel. You just want a voice from the heavens to shout down instructions and tell you what path to take. 

Here are a few ways that will help you make the right decision on time.

Pen Down Your Fears 

Remove fear for better decision making
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Journaling about your fears is a great way to help yourself starting to understand them and make a better decision as a result. Pen down the decision you want to make, then describe everything that you are worried about regarding this decision. Allow yourself to vent about these fears without judging yourself for having them.

Vent yourself by talking to a friend or a family member

Talk to friends and family for better decision making
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It is always a daunting task to make a tough decision all by yourself. When this becomes the case, seek the help of a trusted friend or family member to help you make the decision. Make sure you share all the details about the decision as well as your fears about what could go wrong.

Take yourself out of the equation

take yourself out of the equation
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It is proven that the best ways to make decisions are to remove yourself from the picture altogether. Imagine that this isn’t your company: Instead, pretend that it belongs to a friend, and you’re advising him or her on what to do.

Create a firm deadline.

Deadline for better decision making
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A lot of decisions do not happen just because the ideation process is not started on time. In other words, we all procrastinate. Fix a timeline and work accordingly. If you give yourself a month to make a decision, you’re going to take a month. If you have a strict timetable you will not be able to procrastinate too long, wasting time and mental resources in the process.

Limit the factors you use to make your decision

Rational Decision Making
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The paradox of choice is a perplexing case of human psychology. The more options you have to consider, the harder it is to make a choice and the less satisfied you are with that choice once you make it.

Focus on long-term thinking

It’s tempting to think about the short-term repercussions of your decisions as a worst-case scenario, but try thinking about the long term instead. Always think, if the current decision you’re making is the wrong one, how will this affect your life in three years? What about five years?

Define the decision

Define decision
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Before delving into deciding, get clear on the nature of the choice you’re making. For example, a job change affects not only your work responsibilities but also your commute, your salary, your coworkers, and so on. Defining the key factors that both go into and will be affected by your decision helps you quickly discern whether (and why) you’re excited about a particular option.

Think through your options

think through your options
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Instead of just limiting yourself to a “yes” or “no”, brainstorm all possible options before making a decision. This will help you find the compromises and alternatives that weren’t easy to see initially.

Evaluate the Pros and the Cons

Pros and Cons
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Consider the possible positive and negative aspects or consequences of your decision. Write down a list of pros and cons for each possible alternative. Then prioritize these points with the most important considerations at the top of the list.

Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back
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If you have done the work, honoured your vision, examined the pros and cons, sought guidance, done your due diligence, and connected with your intuition, then make your choice, take the leap and don’t look back. There are millions of paths we can take in a lifetime, all leading to different opportunities and potential consequences.

Once you are on this new adventure, have confidence that you made the best decision with the information available, and move forward with a spring in your step. There is something good to be learned on every path we follow. The ability to make a decision is the fuel for personal and professional growth. Following these tips can surely help you come up with a wonderful thought process and great decision.

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